7 Signs He Is Going to Dump You

Jun 5, 2017

Things seem to be going all right between the two of you. Then, it simply is not. There are some tell-tale signs that your boyfriend is starting to drift away and that the dump is coming. Yet, there are some cues that are not so simple to pick up, and the moment he breaks away is an unpredictable punch to the stomach that leaves you gasping. Save yourself the shock and keep a look out for these seven signs that he is going to dump you.

1 He comes first

This has nothing to do with sex, but the need for one another sexually will also have begun to dry up. No, what I am talking about here is his complete and utter lack for what is good for you, what you want and why. When a man truly cares, he will actually make you a top priority and be concerned with your thoughts and feelings. When he starts to pull back from compromising, you know something is up.

2 Blasé

Something just…does not feel right. Your emotions towards one another seem to be in a constant state of “meh.” No matter what you say, you can’t ever elicit a response. He will show virtually no interest in your family, friends, social life, or work. This is the exact opposite of what happens when people want to build a stronger relationship. When he becomes blasé and noncommittal, it is time to move on.

3 No calls, no texts

Remember when he would text you good morning and good night? Say goodbye to those days. Now, you are practically praying to the phone gods to deliver a message from one high so you can say “hallelujah, he does love me!” Sadly, your boyfriend stopped caring about you, so now the most you are going to get in response to your thought out message is the lackluster “k.”

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4 Bickering abound

You are going to have more bad days than good ones with one another. It will seem like everything stems an argument that leaves you two pouting on opposite ends of the couch. However, instead of having a full-on confrontation, he will literally turn the other way, shutting himself away from you. Talking things through has stopped. Healthy discussion, although heated, is over.

5 The future is never

You might have thought that it was about that time to start planning ahead, but then he rapidly switches gears and has started removing you from his future plans. What used to be talks of traveling Southeast Asia together has now become the singular, dreaded, “When I go” or “What I am going to do is…” The reason he is no longer including you in those future statements is because he does not see you as a part of it.

6 Annoyance

Everything you do, even greeting him or asking to go out, seems to tick him off. While this also signs that he may simply need space, usually annoyance is an obvious sign that he is no longer digging you and your personality.

7 Goodbye, kindness

In other words, the compliments stop. He will no longer tell you how nice you look or how he likes the dinner you made. Instead, the kindness will transform into overt criticism. He will begin saying things that would have never escaped his lips in the beginning, such as calling you fat, picking on your quirks, or even generally making the inference that he finds you intolerable.

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Getting dumped is rarely wished for and never an easy event to get over. You are going to feel shock, defeat, and even heartbreak. However, if you stay vigilant and look for these seven signs that your boyfriend is beginning to separate from you, you may be able to mutually break up or try to save the relationship.