6 Ways to Handle Bad Skin Days Like a Queen

Aug 28, 2017

Many people live with chronic bad skin. Others are fortunate enough to deal with a random pimple on the chin during that time of the month. Bad skin days cannot be warded off inevitably, but why do they always have to come at the worst of times?

Because of this, you might be pressed for time, makeup, or even patience when it comes to a bad skin day. Let’s look at how you can handle these days better.

1 Use moisturizer and oil

Got some dry patches, redness, and pimples popping up? Deep breaths. Grab that moisturizer and some of your favorite serum. Place a little moisturizer in the palm of your hand then add 3-4 drops of serum. This will give your skin a burst of nourishment to keep the skin tone even and the brighten up your complexion. This is especially awesome during long flights and lots of outdoor traveling.

2 Grab some concealer

Now, I know I am not the only one who swears by concealer. First, do me a favor and check to make sure the stuff you are using is not poison. Sometimes, the very things people use to make themselves look better is actually the cause of the issue in the first place. If your concealer has toxic chemicals or other ingredients that could be causing skin issues, chuck it immediately.

Now that that is out of the way. Choose a creamy, nicely tinted concealer to apply to blemishes. I like dabbing the blemish and letting the concealer sit for several minutes before working it into the skin. I find it covers better. Concealer is also great for under eye circles.

3 Ice, ice baby

I never believe that ice baths (or cold showers) could actually help the skin. Many celebrities also use cold water or ice in the morning to reduce redness and treat early morning zits. The ice can cool the skin, too, to make it look less irritated while stopping the zit from maturing into a full-on blemish. Also, consider using the final moments of your shower to cool down – literally. Cold water closes pores.

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4 Forget about it

Now that you’ve done everything you can with makeup and ice, it is time to do something else. Forget about it. I know, easier said than done. But seriously, not many people are going to notice you have a pimple unless they are hardcore staring at your face.

Do not look at the zit. Do not touch it. Do not think about it. You have other things to worry about throughout the course of the day, and whether that blemish is glaringly obvious or not is not going to change how the rest of the day goes.

5 Stop messing with it

If you are like me, you probably try squeezing and popping the pimple instead of just leaving it alone and letting it heal, right? It is a no-no. And while I have recently started with stopping myself from having to get rid of the blemish (and making the problem worse), I still think there is too much out there giving negative or incorrect advice on dealing with bad skin. Simply do not mess it with too much, and it will heal with time.

6 Do something kind for yourself

Instead of obsessing over a zit or a patch of dry skin that people will not even notice, practice some self-love. Think about the parts of yourself that are beautiful. Think about how nice the sun feels on your face. Treat yourself to something delicious. Do not let your blemishes dictate how you feel about yourself, because you are beautiful inside and out.

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Bad skin days do not have to be nightmares if you take the right steps to relieving the situation. Remember, it is best to just cover the bad skin as best as you can and get on with your life. Stay positive, and keep that moisturizer, concealer, and serum close by.