8 Quick Skincare Fixes for a Hangover

Had a bit too much last night and looking haggard this morning? Apart from waking up with hammer wailing against your skull, you now have dry, puffy hangover skin. Though you might feel like there is nothing that can save you now except time, there is actually something you can do to revitalize your skin. Here are eight fixes for hiding your hangover skin:

1 Drink water

Before, during, and after you drink alcohol, you need to remain hydrated. Dehydration is the number one reason your skin looks absolutely horrid the next day. So drink that H20. Rehydrating flushes any lingering alcohol from your system while simultaneously reducing headaches and repairing damages to skin elasticity.

In the morning, you can infuse your water with the following ingredients, even adding just one works:

  • strawberry
  • lemon
  • mint
  • blueberries
  • orange

The antioxidants and vitamins in these foods help soothe skin and prevent any alcohol-based damage.

2 Moisturizer

After drinking alcohol, you might notice how crepe-like your skin becomes. Before going to bed the night of, put some moisturizer on your face. In the morning, do it again. It is also recommended to use an odorless, creamier variety, because all the oils that usually do not get absorbed will be overnight, getting into the deeper layers.

3 Exfoliate

Grab your facial scrub. When you got a hangover, there is no better time to exfoliate. The graininess of exfoliators removes the dry, dead cells that might later clog up your pores and make your skin look worse. Also, the act of scrubbing massages the skin, bringing blood to the surface for a healthy gleam.

The best exfoliator for hungover skin anything with goat’s milk. This ingredient is extremely soothing and is chock full of minerals and vitamins to slow down aging, rebuild the cells, add elasticity, and even helps retain moisture better than more synthetic brands.

4 Warm water

Use warm, not too hot or too cold, water to help replenish your skin. Warm water helps coax out the oils in the skin to detoxify the pores. If you can sit in a shower or sauna for about 10 minutes, take the time to enjoy the relaxing heat. All that steam will open the capillaries and vessels, aiding blood and oxygen flow throughout your body. This reduces headaches, muscle aches, and uneven skin tone and wrinkling.

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5 Relieve under eye circles

Once you have bathed in warmth, you might find your skin’s still inflamed, especially under the eyes. Dampen a washcloth with ice water then gently pat the area around your eyes. Cold temperatures reduce puffiness. Then take some witch hazel and wipe it over your dark circles. Witch hazel stimulates toxin drainage and also has anti-inflammatory benefits.

6 Use a hangover mask

Some brands actually have “hangover masks” that are meant to combat exactly what we all experience after a night of heavy drinking. The best ones will be those that focus on intense rehydration, utilizes fruit-acids, or soothes with ingredients like chamomile extracts and mint. Another recommended ingredient is rejuvenating stem cells.

7 Eat some potassium

Rather than going for a cup of coffee in the morning (because the caffeine will exacerbate your headache and dehydration), refuel yourself the right way with potassium. This essential nutrient is found in bananas, orange juice, potatoes, and prunes. By the way, bananas also make awesome face masks.

8 Do light exercise

Lastly, get a little sweaty in the morning, then wipe it away and re-moisturize. Exercise combats a hangover in two ways. The first is that increasing your circulation and getting your heart-pumping releases endorphins, the feel-good hormones, which also help reduce headache pain. The second plus is that getting all that blood flowing will bring some color back to your face, rejuvenating even the most sallow areas and reducing blotchiness.

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When it comes to beauty, a hangover is hard to conceal, but these really quick skincare fixes do work and not just after Christmas or New Year’s party. You can use them all year round. If you have your own secrets, feel free to share it with us.