7 Foods That Make Your Hangover Worse

Mar 2, 2017

So you were only planning on going out with your friends for a couple of drinks. But those couple of drinks turned into shots and some serious Coyote Ugly-style bootie shaking on the bar. Now that the light of day is shining through your curtains, you are not feeling so hot anymore.

When you are suffering from a bad hangover, there are certain foods and drinks you should avoid consuming at all costs because they will make you feel even worse. Hard to imagine feeling worse? Do not say I did not warn you. Stay away from these seven things when you are hungover.

1 Alcoholic beverages

Ernest Hemingway was perhaps one of the most famous people who claimed that having some of the hair of the dog that bit you would set you right as rain again. While it is a temporary solution to fix yourself a morning cocktail to combat the hangover blues, it will only serve to make you feel even worse later on.

2 Greasy food

Even worse than more cocktails is eating greasy food. That goes for late at night when the club closes and you grab that slice of late-night pizza or pop through the drive-thru singing show tunes while your poor designated driver prays you do not puke inside the car.

Whether it is burgers, fries, pizza, fried chicken, or any one of the hoards of greasy foods Americans love so dearly, stay away both at night when you head home and in the morning when you wake up. Your body processes alcohol the same way as fat and it will choose to process the alcohol over the fat every time, leaving you with more fat. Eek.

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3 Breakfast sandwiches

Eggs and toast are a good choice, but those greasy breakfast sandwiches with cheese, bacon and sausage on top are as bad as the greasy food items mentioned above. You are only causing your body to store these fats instead of process them.

4 Citrus

Citrus fruits, particularly everyone’s favorite morning juice – orange juice – are highly acidic. This might not sit very well in your hungover stomach.

5 Meat, meat, and more meat

Drinking depletes your blood sugar. If you eat only meat without any carbs, you are going to make that pounding migraine ten times worse. It is best to skip meat at all.

6 Too much coffee

So you need your coffee to function. I get it, but overdoing it will only make you more dehydrated. Keep your consumption to less than 16 oz. of caffeine after your hangover. Or better, drink that glass of water instead.

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7 Anything spicy

Those leftovers from the great new Indian place down the street might be calling your name, but stay away from spicy foods. During a hangover, your stomach is just not capable of handling those kinds of flavors.

Now that you know what to avoid, make sure you keep your meals simple and balanced, and drink plenty of water. Is there anything you have drank or eaten after a hangover that made you feel even worse that is not on this list? Tell us!