8 Bad Girl Traits Your Boyfriend Wants You to Have

Oct 27, 2022

Having bad girl traits doesn’t mean you should be a bad girl yourself. It`s much better to master some of these traits than to be totally bad. Being a bad girl is all about constant troubles more than about having fun. Perhaps your boyfriend wants you to be not just a gentle girl and his beloved, but also his best friend who can do some crazy things and make his life more interesting. You should not only try to make him responsible, self-aware, and purposeful but also become interested in his entertainments and prove that you`re not worse than his fellows. Men love women with a nice sense of humor and those who can sometimes become a bit “crazy.” Let’s say, if you try to be a bad girl once in a while, your man`ll probably love you even more. Here are 8 bad girl traits your boyfriend wants you to have…

1 Unexpectedness

Mostly men hate the daily routine that women usually offer them, as they don`t want to stuck in the point of no return. That’s the reason why they need an unexpected, adventurous woman, when they finally settle down. When things go this way, every day becomes different and interesting. With an adventurous girl, he can do something unusual instead of watching the daily news. Suggest him visit some interesting place you’ve never been to or take him on an unexpected road trip. All this will help jazz up your boring everyday life.

2 Self-assurance

It`s not a secret that confident women are more popular among men than those who don’t know what they want and what they need it for. It`s a pure truth. Your boyfriend will surely help you to make difficult decisions, but you shouldn’t bother him every time you`re not sure about some trifle. Try to become more self-assured, and then you`ll see how it’s important for your boyfriend to know that you can’t stand up for yourself.

3 Disobedience

Men’s obsession with intercourse isn’t a surprise. Men need someone to do naughty things in bed and out, even in public places. They adore women who act according to all rules in the street but go unexpectedly crazy when in private. Let your boyfriend enjoy that disobedient girl you can sometimes become.

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4 Self-directedness

To have a lovely husband close to you, you should be able to take care of yourself and stand up for yourself. You shouldn’t dump all your needs on him. Men don`t appreciate it. They are ready to help women with men’s work, but you should manage to do all you need yourself. Guys love those who`re not afraid to live alone but have made a choice to live their entire life with them. It`s pleasant for him to be not only an “all do-cohabitant”, but a beloved husband.

5 Straightforwardness

A woman often wants her guy to guess what she wants or even become a seer who’s able to see her mind. Try to avoid such a mistake. Your man wants to know exactly what you want and what he has to do with that. His happiness depends on your straightforwardness, so be blunt if you want to have fewer communication problems. Sometimes straightforwardness may seem to be rude, but remember that he prefers it, so don`t worry about saying directly what you think.

6 Dominance

Generally, men are dominant, but they are also happy to be under your control. You don`t have to rule your partner all the time, but once in a while, it`ll be pleasant for him, and you`ll see it at once. Be brave and seductive to surprise your boyfriend with your unexpected dominance.

7 Passion

I`m talking about the passion that`s needed to add to every kiss. Kisses look nice even without it, but everything becomes a kind of something artificial. All men want to have passionate women who feel every touch and adores every piece of their skin. Passion plays an important role in relationships, so if you can`t feel it while you`re kissing your man, you probably need to look for someone else to fall in love with.

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8 Impudence

This trait works well when he`s uncertain about something and can`t take a difficult decision. Say something impudent yet supportive to your men. While women prefer to hear soft and delicate stuff to be inspired with, men sometimes need to be told something rude and pleasant at the same time. You may say that he annoys you with his doubts about a new project, though you know that he always does everything perfectly well. Learn how to be rude and inspiring at the same time. Your significant other will thank you.

You see, there`s no need to become bad at all, but you can enjoy the advantages of having bad girl traits. Women know that men are big children, so try to entertain your kid if you want him to be happy. Plus, you`ll also find it interesting to behave the way that`s unusual to you. You should always develop yourself, and mastering some of these traits is also a part of your self-development. Although some of these traits may be bad in one situation, they may also be irreplaceable in another one. Love your man and let him get what he needs for true happiness. What bad girl traits do you already possess?