4 Unwritten Laws of Being Single

Dec 6, 2017

Being single can be a personal choice or just a situation you find yourself in, but you should embrace it and enjoy it while it lasts. The reason why the laws of being single are unwritten is that there are no clear-cut laws for being single, hence the beauty of being single; you have no partner to think about but yourself for now.

While there are no written laws to being single, there are some, behaviors that society expects you to exhibit. Do not confuse these actions to the stereotypes people have of single people in the community.

For instance, single women are seen as not beautiful enough or promiscuous. While, single men are seen as playboys, mama’s boy, or unattractive. So without further ado here are some unwritten laws of being single that can be helpful to single people:

1 Do not lower your standards

One of the advantages of being single is that you do not have to put up with someone else’s bad attitude just for peace sake or understanding sake. This means, as a single person, you should place a high standard on yourself and never lower than standard or think lesser of yourself because of someone. It would help you when you eventually start dating because then you would know what is worth lowering your standards for and what is not.

2 Improve and build yourself

There are so many things you can do as a single person that you cannot do when you have a partner. One of the unwritten laws of being single is that you should use this time to improve yourself and focus on achieving specific goals in your life now that there is nobody to worry about. Use this great singleness to your advantage and be a better version of yourself for it.

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3 Be open

Most people enjoy the single life so much that they miss the opportunity of being with someone that would make their life very fulfilling. As far as the independence of being single is terrific, you should not be opposed to the idea of being with someone who is terrific and would make you incredibly happy in life. You should be able to embrace the idea of ending your single life when someone with potentials comes your way.

4 Do not be promiscuous

When you are single, you apparently have a partner to be faithful to or report to about where you go or what you do. But that does not mean you should start living a life of promiscuity.

A lot of people already see single people as promiscuous. Do not give them a reason to be right about you. You can go and date and have one night stands, but that should not be a regular occurrence in your single life.

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Like earlier said, there are no written laws for being single but these few unwritten laws would guide you in enjoying your single life. They are more of suggestions than statutes and if followed would help you slay singleness like a boss lady that you are.