9 Reasons Why Modern Girls Choose to Live Alone

Apr 14, 2016

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand listening to those who claim living alone is for complicated and introverted girls only. There are many extroverted girls who choose to live alone too. Having the apartment all to yourself is a dream come true, especially if you’ve been living in a big family or with annoying roommates for many years. If you have trouble deciding whether to live alone or look for a new roommate, take a look at the reasons why modern girls choose to live alone.

1 Peace and quiet

The best part about living alone is silent. I was raised in a big, loud family. When I was a child, I didn’t know what peace was. My siblings were constantly fighting and my parents never stopped yelling. I’m sure, I’m not alone. Most modern girls choose to live alone because they crave that silence.

2 Freedom

Unless you’re a clingy and dependent girl who’s afraid to stay alone for an hour, freedom isn’t your thing. Since almost every modern girl is independent, she loves freedom. You can do whatever you want and whenever you wish. No one will tell you to turn off your TV after midnight and no one will wake you up early in the morning. Plus, you can party hard and come home at 5 am. No one will judge or blame you.

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3 Self-talk

Talking to yourself isn’t a sign of madness. When you have a hard day, the worst thing that can happen to you when you come home is your roommate moaning about her boyfriend drama, or mom yelling at you because of the mess in your room, or your partner complaining about your busy schedule. You don’t have any opportunity to talk to yourself, calm down or simply grieve. When you live alone, though you can spend your evening with a glass of wine and yourself only.

4 Crazy decorating

Want to paint your living room fiery red? Or want to decorate your kitchen with crazy knick-knacks? When you live alone, your decorating possibilities are endless. No one will prevent you from painting, repainting, destroying and crafting. Let your decorative juices flow and feel free to experiment.

5 Self-exploration

How well do you know yourself? What are your interests, abilities, skills and values? What are your weaknesses? Modern people spend hours meditating and exploring themselves. Living alone gives you a wonderful opportunity to get to know yourself better and to love yourself. This way, you dedicate more time to yourself, not those stupid and meaningless conversations with your roommate.

6 Naked fun

When was the last time you danced naked? Sleep naked or simply walk around your apartment without wearing any clothing? It sounds weird, but the more time you spend naked, the more you love your body. And the more you love your body, the more confident you are. No one will tell you about your scars or excess pounds.

7 Cleaning

Let’s be honest: modern girls aren’t interested in cleaning. It’s not because they are lazy. It’s because they are busy. Work. Parties. Road trips. There’s no time for cleaning. When you live alone, you are the only one who decides when to do the laundry, dust your room and wash your dishes.

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8 No sexual boundaries

You can hook up with a new guy without worrying about your mom’s thoughts or your roommate’s complaints. You can have fun with your boyfriend and be as crazy, creative and loud as possible. You can experiment with different poses. If you don’t have a boyfriend, you can give tons of mind-blowing and earth-shattering bid Os as often as you wish.

9 Career enhancement

If you are looking to reach high career goals, you will need to work harder than ever. When you live alone, no one disturbs you, which means you don’t have to spend a night in the office when you must accomplish a project.

Spending time by yourself is essential, but it’s hard to do when you don’t live alone. Sadly, living alone isn’t as fun as it seems when you suffer from any type of fear, anxiety or if loneliness is literally killing you. Anyway, it’s worth trying.