10 Hidden Attractions in New York City

Feb 11, 2022

Like any global power city, New York has its own secrets, including hidden spots that even locals have no idea where they are. Whether you live in the Big Apple or are planning to visit it this year, I suggest including these awesome hidden tourist attractions in your list of things to do and see in New York City. They all have a rich history, a touch of mystery and have nothing to do with Times Square, the Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty.

1 A Secluded Waterfall, Greenacre Park, Midtown

Tired of walking, shopping, and watching? Looking for a quiet place in this unbearably crowded city? Head to Greenacre Park to enjoy a little yet beautiful waterfall. Situated on 51st Street between 2nd Avenue and 3rd Avenue, Greenacre Park, with its 25-foot waterfall, offers comfortable, movable chairs, tasty snacks, and an amicable atmosphere. Its zen-like design will impress every tourist.

2 The Atlantic Avenue Subway Tunnel

This creepy place is not for everyone, but if you are bold enough to visit the oldest subway tunnel in the world, you are welcome. Situated within the Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill Historic Districts, and U.S. Historic District, the Atlantic Avenue Subway Tunnel was built 1844, rediscovered in 1980, and is now closed to the public, albeit there are some tours that can help you explore this mysterious spot.

3 The Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island

If I didn’t know that it was a smallpox hospital, I would call it an ancient castle. This abandoned building looks rather mysterious and creepy. Although it is closed to the public, look for tours that include The Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island in their lists of attractions.

4 The Roosevelt Island Aerial Tram

Although it is not a hidden attraction, tourists rarely take an aerial tram. It is a great way to explore a breathtaking view of Manhattan’s skyline and it is all for less than $3. The aerial tram uses the MetroCard system and provides a trip at 3,100 feet. The great thing is that bicycles are allowed on the tram.

5 The High Bridge

Having originally opened as part of the Croton Aqueduct, the High Bridge is the oldest bridge in New York. It was built in 1848 and was closed from the 1970s until its restoration. In 2015 it was reopened as a pedestrian walkway. If you love bridges, the High Bridge is a must-visit. The bridge boasts incredible history.

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6 Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn

Most tourists who visit New York each year confess that they have never visited the Green-Wood Cemetery because they do not even know about its existence. Being a National Historic Landmark, the Green-Wood Cemetery is located in Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn, and attracts many locals and few tourists. Green-Wood Chapel is one of the best places to enjoy when visiting the cemetery.

7 The Old City Hall Subway Stop

A subway station that has been closed since 1945 is usually close to the public, so don’t expect to visit it as soon as you are in New York. Look for tours well in advance. Like with any other abandoned place, there is something mysterious but fascinating about the Old City Hall Subway Stop. If you have an opportunity to visit this place, do it without hesitation.

8 The Blockhouse, Central Park North Woods

The Blockhouse is a ruined fort hidden at the top of Central Park. It was constructed as a part of fortifications during the War of 1812. It was once used as a storage building and today it is absolutely abandoned and isolated. If you decide to visit the Blockhouse, make sure you do not go alone.

9 The Staten Island Boat Graveyard

Who knew that a place where ships die would become a tourist attraction one day? It is one of the spookiest places to visit on Halloween because the scenery is truly spooktacular. Be ready to take a 13-mile bus ride and make sure you know how to kayak, as one of the best ways to explore the Staten Island Boat Graveyard is kayaking.

10 The Loew’s Canal Theatre, 4515 New Utrecht Ave

It is hard to believe that this amazing theater is still abandoned. The Loew’s Canal Theatre was opened in 1927 and was the city’s second-largest motion picture theater. The theater looks pretty good these days as well, but it is usually closed to the public. You can visit it by asking the current owners.

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New York City is one of the best places to explore for years. No matter how many places you already visited, there will always be the place that you miss. Surely, my list is not complete and I hope you will add some secret spots to it as well. The comment box is waiting. Share your experiences with us, please.