10 Interior Decoration DIY Ideas Your Wallet Will Love

Nov 21, 2019

Interior Decoration is one of the most progressive fields of the modern age. Nearly every art college or university is handing out degrees in Interior Decoration to budding young professionals and amazingly enough, the young people are doing wonders. Interior decoration is more dependent on one’s aesthetic sense rather than anything else. In all of those big beautiful hotel lobbies, ballrooms, in conference halls, on wedding receptions we see various vases, lights, painted pots, beautiful frames (with or even without pictures), gorgeous lighting in awe-inspiring arrangements. The setup boggles the mind.

Due to the attention that people are paying to this particular field, a lot of new shops have opened up everywhere and even online simply catering to their needs. A visit to such stores will make you realize how expensive it is to stock up on decor items especially those that have a vintage feel to them. We have seen various lighting fixtures that cost a fortune and beautiful vases that look as if they have been picked directly from some golden era. We have compiled for you a list of ten DIY decor ideas that will spruce up your space as well as going easy on your wallet. And yes! they look gorgeous no matter where and how you place them. The best thing about Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects is their affordability and ease of making.

1 Beautiful lights

The diagram depicts the finished product which looks like a lighting structure that has been bought from a high priced store. The beautiful intricate pattern on the bulb looks beautiful and if such a structure hangs in the right place with the proper exposure, it can look totally pretty. Well, the important thing here is the fact that this gorgeous little decor item is amazingly easy to make.

Remember how we throw away those used bulbs in the house and how we have those extra bits and pieces of lace lying around from various other projects. All you need to do is to wrap the lace around the bulb and then spray paint it in the color of your choice and TADA! There you have. Just leave it out to dry, make a few more and hang them together in a prominent corner and enjoy the praise.

2 Interesting bookshelf

Okay, now this looks pretty simple doesn’t it? A bookshelf and a showcase in one. This idea is simple enough to implement. All you will need are holding hooks to attach to the wall. They should be wide enough to hold books. Then you need to select the items that you want to be displayed. You can also experiment with the idea for example, you can paint the hooks to match the color of the wall or in a shade the is in contrast with the wall color.

After that you can place a collection of your favorite series on consecutive hooks, for example, the all famous Harry Potter series or you can display a title of the Twilight series on each of the hooks and display items which match the book titles and create a gothic vampirish look of your own. Pretty awesome eh!

3 Canvas headboard

This headboard looks so exquisite that you would not believe how easy and how cost-effective it is to make. All you will be needing is a canvas of any sort. Canvases are easily available from any art supplier. The canvas size will depend upon the availability of the space in your room. Afterward, you need to cover the canvas with sticker cutouts which are also easily available from any store that supplies art-related stuff.

Spray paint the canvas with a color of your choice and then remove the stickers cutouts. Place the canvas in the area you desire and hang a few Christmas lights behind it. Voila! you are done. Sit back and admire your handiwork.

4 Chandelier

Remember how we see chandeliers when we visit lighthouses and our heart melts at their beauty. Well, the chandelier in the picture above looks quite similar now does it not? What would you say if I tell you that all you will be needing for this chandelier is a big hula hoop, a few icicle string lights, duct tape, and paint? You simply need to paint the hula hoop to a color that matches your roof, bind the string lights to it with duct tape and hang it on the roof.

Be ready to answer questions regarding the location of the store where you bought this amazing chandelier from. This will look gorgeous in a girls bedroom (just a decor idea!)

5 Doilies

There are just so many endless ways to make light doilies that it was hard for me to select which one to place in this list. These pretty lace doilies will look inspirational in a window sill especially at night. You also might try placing them in the middle of the kitchen or on the coffee table between two antique-looking chairs. They can be made in several shapes, sizes, colors, and types to match your mood and to match your decor.

All you will be needing is old jam jars or glass containers that are no longer in use. Use some mod podge to stick on the lace to the containers. Tie a pretty little ribbon around the neck and place tea lights inside. Yes! it is that simple.

6 Hanger earrings

I am sure that all the girls out there go through a drill routine whenever it comes to organizing makeup and jewelry. Well, girls, as far as the jewelry is concerned I have this amazing idea for you that will make you fall in love. You simply need to pick up various hangers that are lying around the house, mix and match the colors to create a colorful springy effect.

Get some metal hooks from the market and stick it into the underside of the hangers (trust me! it is quite easy). Now start with the hanging. You can hang all sorts of earrings and lockets and even bracelets to these and hang them on the inside of your wardrobe door. Easy does it!

7 Old window frame

Pictures are windows into the memory lane! Sweet irony is the fact that we have a DIY project which uses an old window as a picture frame. You will require an old beat-up window frame and a few pictures of your loved ones. Stick them to the backside of the window frame and hang it up in your place of choice and there you go! You can experiment with a lot of different looks on this little project and customize it in your own special way.

8 Wall hanging

Paintings look very beautiful where ever they are hung and give the wall a very stylish and glamorous look. However, paintings are one of those decor items that can cost you quite a lot. While it is okay to have a few hanging around the house, we have an idea that will make paintings skid right out of your mind. For this project, you can get old paintings from the flea market or you can re-use the ones that you have at home and are planning to throw away.

You will also need letter stickers from the stationery store. With the help of the stickers, write whatever you want to convey onto the painting. It can be a verse, a quote, or a line that inspires you. After the stickers are on the board just paint the whole thing with a spray color of your choice, the transparent enamel. Once the spray paint is dry, simply remove the stickers and you will have an antique wall hanging of your own.

9 Tea lights holder

Remember how you go through those magazines for interior decoration to pick out the right centerpiece for that important dinner that you are supposed to host or a wedding that you have to plan. Well I have just the thing for you. Everyone has wine glasses lying around the house.

Simply take a few of those wine glasses, get some fresh flowers of your choice from the market, and a few cute tea lights. Place the inverted wine glasses upon the flowers in the center of the table and place the tea lights on their bottoms. It is simple yet elegant and will definitely catch more than a few admiring glances from the guests.

10 Vase design

Vases spike up any corner, any cabinet in the shelf, alone dresser top, or even odd places around the house. As they say, the simplest trick of interior decoration is that if you do not know what to with an empty place, put some vases there. The vases DIY project that I have is fairly easy and looks wonderful. Take up any glass vase from the house or buy some cheap ones from second-hand stores. Put a lot of rubber bands around it from various angles.

Now spray paint the vase and when it is dry, remove the rubber bands. You are bound to get results that will blow your minds. Put candles within the vases and the light will shine through the intricate lines!!