10 Things to Do With Used Aluminum Cans

Aluminum cans are one of those extra waste materials that have been around for quite some time now. We see them lying around in garbage cans, on the sides of the roads in the poor areas, we see them flying away when the wind is hard. I personally admire drinking out of the can than out of a glass bottle, I am not sure of the exact but cans seem much more macho! Even most of the energy drinks come in cans!

The real question is, what should one do with them once they are empty. Being an avid admirer of hand-made crafts, I bring to you a few ideas as to how you can put aluminum cans to use!

1 Protect Young Plants

If the majority of you are those who like to plant gardens or flowers and are avid admirers of nature then surely you would love this particular idea. See what you can do if that for all those small plants of yours that need protection from worms and other tiny insects of the earth, you can now make protection round for them.

What you need to do is cut out the top and the bottom of the cans and press the cans into the earth around the plants.

This will create a protective barrier within the earth for the plants and will not let random insects and worms to reach the plant. Do remember that this only works for the tiny little plants and not for the big ones! A very handy idea that I myself have tried quite a few times especially in the kitchen garden!