10 Unusual Food Combinations

Nov 18, 2019

I happen to be a huge fan of food; it’s a pity I can’t eat much. There are many different ingredients that you can mix up to create something really weird, I should say, but not a lot of people know about it. I for one, would not taste any of the things mentioned on this list. I wonder what people were actually thinking when they actually came up with these, I want to say recipes? Anyways, this particular list talks about ten different and highly unusual food combinations. Enjoy the read.

1. Carrots and sugar

I like carrots, carrots are good for your eyesight and if you pick out a good one, they have a brilliant taste. I personally prefer my carrots uncooked and fresh. The thought of adding sugar to your vegetables (especially salad vegetables) might sound a little weird.

It still sounds that way to me. The point is that sugar is bound to heighten the flavor of your carrots when being cooked. I don’t like cooked carrots so I guess I will never know how that works out.

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