10 Unusual Food Combinations

Nov 18, 2019

I happen to be a huge fan of food; it’s a pity I can’t eat much. There are many different ingredients that you can mix up to create something really weird, I should say, but not a lot of people know about it. I for one, would not taste any of the things mentioned on this list. I wonder what people were actually thinking when they actually came up with these, I want to say recipes? Anyways, this particular list talks about ten different and highly unusual food combinations. Enjoy the read.

1 Carrots and sugar

I like carrots, carrots are good for your eyesight and if you pick out a good one, they have a brilliant taste. I personally prefer my carrots uncooked and fresh. The thought of adding sugar to your vegetables (especially salad vegetables) might sound a little weird.

It still sounds that way to me. The point is that sugar is bound to heighten the flavor of your carrots when being cooked. I don’t like cooked carrots so I guess I will never know how that works out.

2 Coffee and salt

I want to heighten the flavor of your coffee, what you need to do is add a little bit of salt to the cup. Salt is virtually used in every dish you can possibly think of. It is even used in sweet dishes and not to mention chocolate milk.

Coffee is sprinkled with a little bit of salt by many as it brings out more flavor. If you are having a cup of cappuccino or espresso the next time, consider this advice and let me know how it works out for you.

3 Tomatoes and sugar

My love for tomatoes is absolutely undying. It’s weird though because I hate ketchup and that I believe is a perfect example that I am not fond of sweetened tomatoes. Here’s something interesting for you guys though. Where you usually sprinkle salt on your tomato salad, try sugar next time. Tomatoes are acidic and the addition of salt enhances the acidic nature.

Sugar, however, is supposed to increase the flavor of the tomato. That is something I am not tempted to try.

4 Chocolate and coffee

Here’s another one that I do not understand. I am talking dark chocolate and not your everyday chocolate candies. Dark chocolate is supposed to have a strong taste and so does coffee. So this particular combination totally destroys the logic of ‘contrast’ right? I mean, a doughnut with a cup of black coffee makes sense because they are two entirely different flavors. But this is one odd combination.

Apparently, the flavor of the chocolate will be strengthened without the addition of a strong coffee flavor. This combination applies to when you are baking chocolate goods.

5 Meat and aniseed

Have you ever tasted aniseed? Well, there is nothing much to it. Anyway, who here likes meat? I do, I love it. All you meat lovers, I am going to pass on to you a secret; when you are stewing meat, throw in a couple of aniseeds.

As I said, there is nothing much to their own taste but they will add a heavy richness to the meat you are cooking. This particular trick is used by all the famous restaurants in the world. Well, most of them at least. Try it, and you will know why.

6 Cooking tomatoes and foliage

Do you know that absolutely awesome taste that tomatoes have? I am sure I speak for everyone that they are an amazing fruit. Yes, tomato is a fruit. Here’s the thing, when you are cooking a dish with tomatoes, make sure to add in a tomato branch.

That branch will contain the entire flavor that you love in tomatoes. You can tell simply by smelling the branch exactly how rich in flavor it is. It also helps when you are short on tomatoes. The branch will make up for it grandly.

7 Potatoes and nutmeg

Potatoes are one of my favorite vegetables. How many dishes of potatoes can you think of? I have loads in my mind but this is definitely not about the dishes. The point that most people don’t know (neither did I) is that potatoes and nutmeg if mixed together, will complement each other perfectly. One would not be able to guess if nutmeg was used or not but one will appreciate the flavor that brings out. It adds a certain depth to the potatoes which should taste fantastic.

8 Chili and chocolate

I love spices. For me, the spicier the food the better. I like spices in the food that is meant to be spicy, for example, I would not even think of mixing spices and especially chili with my custard or a pineapple tart and I think it’s perfectly logical. I mean, why would you try to spice up something that is supposed to be sweet. Well, here’s something of a weird combination. Try adding chili (red) to the chocolate. Let me know what happens. It is supposed to taste awesome.

9 Apples and vanilla

If you are into cooking and have some experience, you should know that whenever you are cooking apples they need some sugar; the reason being that apples are quite acidic. A lot of people would generally add nutmeg or cinnamon to whatever apple dish they are cooking but did you know that there is another alternative that will enhance the flavor of the dish?

If you add vanilla extract to the dish, the flavor will heighten. People will not even know what you added but they will definitely appreciate it.

10 Strawberries and pepper

This is something weird and is definitely something I never heard of before. I heard about the fact that if you add salt to chocolate milk, it heightens the flavor but this is something completely original to me.

I haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet, neither would I want to, but according to people, if you add finely grounded pepper to strawberries, the flavor is enhanced exponentially. Strawberries are usually served with a sprinkling of sugar but this is something in an altogether different direction.