8 Amazing Pets to Raise with Your Partner

Oct 27, 2022

If you and your partner are not ready to have kids, why not own a pet? Having a pet is a huge responsibility so you will have an opportunity to learn how to be more responsible and organized. It’s best to own some easy-to-care pets since exotic animals require a lot of time, space and care, not to mention a basic vet care is extremely expensive and they need a special food. Remember, pets are not toys so if both of you are not sure if buying or adopting a pet is the right decision, then it’s better to wait. But if having a furry friend at home is your dream, here are some pets you and your significant other may want to own.

1 Ferrets

One of the most amazing pets you can raise with your partner is a cute ferret. Many couples claim that ferrets are quiet, loyal and intelligent, while others say they are very destructive and require a lot of care and attention. Nevertheless, ferrets may be ideal for you and your significant other, if you want an unusual pet. Ferrets need plenty of exercise and play. They can’t stand loneliness so be sure to get two ferrets.

2 Cats

One of the best things my husband and I love about our cat is that she is independent and she loves to stay home alone. Cats have different characters – some are friendly and kind while others can be too selfish and aggressive. If the two of you decide to own a pet, I suggest adopting. Not only will you save a cat’s life, adopted cats are friendlier and they better companions. My hubby and I are so glad we adopted Lindy 3 years ago. She is amazing and she knows how to many any of us smile when we have a bad day.

3 Finches

I love caged birds and my husband can’t imagine his life without our finches. These small, beautiful birds don’t require a lot of space, attention and exotic food. Finches are affordable so I recommend you to buy a pair or more as they love the company and you or your partner can’t stay home all day long. Finches come in an array of amazing colors, markings and patterns. Although finches are primarily seed-eaters, there are certain foods you can include in their diet – your vet will tell you more about this. Just imagine waking up each day to the enchanting sounds of songbirds in the morning.

4 Rats

Rats are intelligent, active and fun. They are not as scaring as many of us think. When you raise rats and spend a lot of time with them, they may learn to do some tricks. Plus, if you often speak to them, they may respond to their names and what you say. Rats don’t require special space, care and food. The only thing to consider when buying a rat is that rats love the company so make sure you get a pair.

5 Guinea pigs

Owning a pair of guinea pigs is a lot of fun. They are like those small kids who are always happy to see you and play with you. Guinea pigs don’t require a lot of space and money. However, you will need to clean the cage almost each day as it’s highly important to the health of your guinea pigs. These pets regularly clean themselves so you may bathe them once every three months, unless they start to smell bad. Guinea pigs are super active and live around 8-9 years so make sure both of you are ready for such a commitment.

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6 Dogs

Adopt a dog today and he will change your entire life. Dogs make incredibly loyal pets. No matter how much time you spend at work, your dog will always be happy to see you. Dogs may require a great deal of attention and care from their owners, so think twice before adopting or buying one. If you and your partner enjoy running, riding a bike or hiking, a dog may become your best friend.

7 Aquarium fish

Depending on how many aquarium fish you and your partner want to own, you may need a great amount of space for your fish tank. Moreover, you will need a lot of time and effort to clean that tank. Aquarium fish are perfect for couples who love peace and quiet. Fish don’t scream, meow and bark. They don’t need a lot of food and attention. Once you get home, try to spend a few minutes watching your fish swimming around the tank. It will help both of you to relax and calm your minds after a hectic day.

8 Rabbits

I adore these lovely creatures. Rabbits make excellent pet for couples. Even though this pet requires a lot of space, attention, care and special food, you won’t notice all those things because there’s nothing more cute than playing with a small rabbit. Rabbits can live alone so there’s no need to purchase two or three rabbits. If you and your partner have busy schedules, rabbits are not for you. The more time you spend with your rabbit, the friendlier he is. When your rabbit is always alone, don’t expect him to be friendly and affectionate.

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Pets can make you and your partner a bit happier and more responsible. Moreover, there are many health benefits of owning pets. They can help you fight stress, lower your blood pressure and control your mood swings. Owning a pet is a huge responsibility, though. If you want to have a pet, but your partner doesn’t want, or vice versa, adopting or buying any pet is really a bad idea. What other pets can couples have?