7 Best Swimsuit Shopping Tips

Oct 28, 2022

Swimsuit shopping is tricky – no wonder why so many women are still looking for their perfect swimsuits. Online shopping is quick, easy and convenient, but buying a swimsuit online is the biggest mistake ladies commit these days. Even if you know your body shape and exact size, you can purchase a swimsuit that will show all your flaws instead of hiding them. No matter your size, here are the tips that will help you buy the best swimsuit ever:

1 Tummy control swimsuits

If you haven’t achieved your weight loss and fitness goals yet, choose a swimsuit that features a hidden tummy control panel. Maybe it’s not as light and comfortable as a bikini, but you will feel more confident when your flabby tummy will be hidden. This type of swimsuit is also perfect for women who want to hide the scars.

2 Asymmetrical swimsuits

I’m not a big fan of asymmetrical swimsuits since it’s hard to tan in them. But I have a short torso so I already have a few asymmetrical swimsuits in my closet. If you want to add length to your short torso as well, opt for an asymmetrically designed one shoulder strap swimsuit or a halter swimsuit. Avoid buying a bikini and a strapless swimsuit.

3 Two piece swimsuits

Two piece swimsuits are great for women with a long torso. Opt for V-necks, stripes, high cut legs, and two-toned swimsuits to create the illusion of a short torso. Avoid buying black, brown and grey swimsuits. Not only are these colors boring, they can ruin your whole beach look. There are a great variety of two piece swimsuits and many benefits of wearing them. While tummy control swimsuits are beautiful, wearing a two piece swimsuit is easier and more convenient for your bathroom breaks.

4 Hold your breasts in place

Women who wear too small or too big swimsuits, always show their sagging breasts and flabby tummies, thinking that they can’t hide those little flaws. In fact, you can hide a lot of flaws by wearing the right swimsuit. When it comes to breasts, it’s crucial to hold them in place, especially if you have a big bustline. Look for a swimsuit with thick shoulder straps and underwire. If you are a woman with small breasts, you can easily opt for thin straps and padding.

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5 Choose patterned tops to enhance your pear-shaped body

If you’re a pear-shaped woman, look for a patterned top and a darker solid colored bottom to balance your body shape. One-piece swimsuits, tankinis and monokinis are all wonderful options for you. Bright colored patterned tops always draw more attention so you can relax and be proud of your body shape.

6 Opt for more embellishments in the bust area

Not all of us are happy with the bust area, but it’s not the reason to stay at home all summer long. When buying your swimsuit, simply choose the one with a lot of embellishments, such as padding, ruffles and bows, in the bust area. You will look more fabulous and feel more confident every time you hit the beach.

7 Enjoy bright colors

Whether you are a skinny lady or a plus size woman, choose a bright colored swimsuit. Who said plus size women should wear black only? Pick whatever color you love and rock it this summer season. Love prints? What are you waiting for? Wear your bright swimsuit with confidence and no one will notice your flaws.

Swimsuit shopping isn’t as complicated as we think. With a few tricks you can buy the best swimsuit ever and look your best all summer long. Again, avoid shopping online – you won’t save a lot of money, but can have a lot of problems instead. Have you already found your perfect swimsuit?