10 Powerful Weight Loss Juices

Oct 27, 2022

Summer juices are all the rage right now, but believe it or not, there are some juices that help shed weight and keep it off. Now, hold on a second – I’m not talking about store-bought juices, which are all high in sugar and low in nutrients. Juicing can be time consuming and quite expensive (particularly, during the winter season), yet it’s a proven way to keep your weight under control year out. Some of these weight loss juices are slightly sour and bitter, but they are very healthy for you. Some are even helpful in several ways if you are looking to boost your energy levels and immune system. Choose any of these best weight loss juices and drink them with healthy foods to get the most health benefits.

1 Orange, apple and pear juice

Without exaggeration, this juice is a real nutritional powerhouse that helps cleanse your body, shed pounds, improve immune system and protect against heart disease. It will instantly fill you up with a plethora of vitamins that will help you fight bad mood, prevent fatigue and boost your energy. The secret ingredient in this juice is fresh cherries that boast incredible fat-burning properties. If you are trying to lose some extra pounds to get ready for a bikini season faster, I recommend using green apples and pears.

2 Blackberry juice

Blackberry juice is well-known heart-healthy drink, but few people know that it’s actually a great weight loss drink too. It has a satisfying sweet taste and contains essential nutrients, including vitamins A, C, E, K, copper, and manganese. Blackberry juice is a healthy alternative to any store-bought energy drink, as well – due to its natural sugar content blackberry juice gives you an energy boost without spiking blood sugar. Blackberry and cherry juice is a good weight loss option too.

3 Green grape and apple juice

This refreshing and slightly tart juice makes a perfect weight loss drink. It’s low in calories, high in nutrients and has many both health and weight loss benefits. Next time you feel hungry, enjoy fresh green grape and apple juice to satisfy your thirst. The problem is, thirst is often mistaken for hunger, so having a glass of water or healthy juice is a simple way to recognize hunger. Green grape and apple juice can also help prevent overeating.

4 Watermelon juice

Summer is not complete without refreshing watermelon drink recipes. While experimenting with watermelon is a fun activity, drinking fresh watermelon juice in the morning helps you save time and speed up your weight loss. A cup of fresh watermelon juice contains 71 calories and only 0.36 g fat. If you don’t feel like drinking a plain watermelon juice, try adding oranges, carrots, pomegranate or grapefruit to it.

5 Kale, green apple and cucumber juice

There are many green juices that can help you lose weight and keep it off. My favorite one is kale, green apple and cucumber juice. This green drink helps speed up metabolism, burn belly fat, boost your immune system, and keep your energy levels high. If you don’t have a juicer or your juicer suddenly stops working, toss the ingredients into your blender and enjoy a green smoothie instead of juice. The two secret ingredients to use in this juice are green bell pepper and ginger (a small piece will be enough to add a unique flavor and nutrients to your juice.)

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6 Kiwi juice

Kiwi is rich in dietary fiber that helps prevent overeating and keep you satiated for longer. This fruit is fortified with numerous essential nutrients and boasts a great number of health benefits. You can also use cucumber, lime and mint leaves in your kiwi juice.

7 Carrot and apple juice

Carrot and apple juice is a wonderful source of powerful antioxidants and vitamins that keep you healthy and slim without consuming too much calories. This juice helps keep hunger at buy and makes a healthy breakfast drink. Add some spinach to your juice to make it even more filling and healthier.

8 Berry juice

Put strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, grapes, blackberries or any berries you like in your juicer to make one of the best weight loss juices ever! Not only does it help lose weight, it keeps you healthy and gives you energy you need to work out and accomplish any difficult tasks during the day.

9 Apple, pomegranate and cherry juice

The taste of juice is a bit unusual, but the benefits are fantastic! Pomegranate is the key ingredient here. Pomegranate juice has powerful health and weight loss benefits that can help you reach any health and fitness goal. Moreover, it’s high in vitamins and antioxidants that ward off many diseases.

10 Grapefruit juice

Drinking fresh grapefruit juice helps in losing weight, not to mention that it keeps your body hydrated during the summer season. Grapefruit juice is also an excellent source of vitamin C and potassium that help promote good health. If you don’t like the taste of a plain grapefruit juice, you can add some oranges or berries to it.

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Although these juices can magically help you drop weight overnight, they can help you speed up your weight loss and give you more energy for exercise. Though I don’t promote juicing each day, I do promote drinking healthy beverages instead of store-bought juices and soda. What juices are you going to try first?