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FAQs: Most interesting questions about the dos and don’ts of a Brazilian wax

How long does Brazilian wax stay hairless?

Because the hair is removed from the root, it provides immediate and long-lasting staying hairless, which lasts for two to three weeks, depending on individual characteristics.

What should you not do before a Brazilian wax?

The day before a Brazilian wax, you cannot go to spas or sunbathe, including tanning beds. Also, cosmetic products are contraindicated.

What should I do immediately after a Brazilian wax?

One of the main rules is to rest on the first day after depilation. Do not sunbathe on the beach or in a tanning bed for 24 hours after waxing. In addition, going to the gym, sauna, or sauna is not recommended in the first 24 hours. After the procedure, you must treat the area with a moist cotton swab with chlorhexidine for the first two days.

What do you wear during a Brazilian wax?

Before going to the salon, especially if you plan to treat the bikini area, you must wear 100% cotton underwear. Also, since the skin is particularly delicate and sensitive after the procedure, clothing should be roomy and not close to the depilated areas.

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