5 Dos and Don’ts of a Brazilian Wax

Nov 19, 2015

As women we can survive any pain and suffering. We give birth to kids. We do hard work. We experiment with our bodies. We survive the red weeks. Many women even opt for vagina reconstructions to look gorgeous in bikini and leggings. The Brazilian wax is another suffering that many girls have to handle. Since you can’t do it at home, the Brazilian wax is really a luxury. It’s expensive, painful, and a bit shameful or awkward, so why we choose it instead of razors?

It’s not for men. It’s just for us. Brazilian waxing can make you feel confident and comfortable. It lasts longer and causes less stress and troubles. However, the Brazilian wax is a real disaster for women with very sensitive skin. It may cause your skin to burn, itch and bleed, and you may end up spending a few days in your bed. I don’t want to scare you, it’s just a little warning. These skin reactions typically occur when you do the Brazilian wax at home or when it’s carried out by an inexperienced waxer. Professionals typically do their job pretty well. Before lying down on the waxing table, make sure you really need it.

1 Pain

Exposing yourself to a professional is half the trouble. The biggest disadvantage of Brazilian waxing is a pain that you have to handle during the procedure. It depends on your skin type. Some girls claim a Brazilian wax isn’t too painful, while others stop the procedure right after it begins. You never know until you try.

There are a few ways to reduce the pain. First of all, don’t get a Brazilian wax during your period – we are more sensitive to pain than ever. Before and between Brazilian waxing, hydrate and moisturize your skin to make the procedure less painful. Drink enough water and use special feminine hygiene products. Don’t take any painkillers and don’t drink alcohol before waxing. You will make the procedure more painful. Make sure you let your waxer know if you are taking any medication or have any allergies or health issues. Moreover, avoid exercise right after the procedure.

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2 Options

If you don’t want to feel like a child down there, you can choose any type of a Brazilian wax you wish. You can ask your waxer to create a triangle shape or leave a strip of hair or pick another shape – it’s up to you. If a waxer tells you that there are no options when it comes to Brazilian waxing, chances are they are not professionals.

3 Hair thickness

Brazilian waxing won’t make your hair thick. On the contrary, over time waxing can make it thinner, which is why you almost feel no pain after several procedures. If you’re going to get a Brazilian wax for the first time, don’t exfoliate and shave your hair – it should be about one-eighth to one-quarter of an inch. Trim it if necessary, but don’t shave. My best advice is to consult a waxer in advance so that you know how to prepare for a Brazilian wax at home. All those YouTube videos might be useful somehow but don’t trust them. Professionals will give you tips that you won’t find online.

4 Preparation

It’s vital that you get physically prepared for a Brazilian wax. Your waxer will tell you what to do. However, it’s more critical to get mentally prepared. Don’t focus on the pain. Think positively. When you tell yourself that it will hurt, trust me, it will. Your mom and friends may try to prevent you from undergoing the process because of all those myths girls create. Everyone can handle a little pain. Focus on the result. If you do it to surprise your partner, imagine his wonder. Shortly, stay optimistic and believe in a positive result.

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5 Money

The Brazilian wax is rather an expensive procedure, regardless of where you live. If someone offers you to do it for cheap, don’t let them fool you. Inexperienced waxers cause tons of troubles – that’s one of the most common reasons many girls have negative Brazilian waxing experiences. When you choose this method of hair removal, be ready to splurge. You can’t enjoy fake diamonds or cheap shoes, after all. Cheap procedures can lead to various types of the skin reactions and conditions, including STIs. When I did Google research, I found many tips on how to get a Brazilian wax at home. I don’t recommend trying any of them, girls.

When girls are talking about a Brazilian wax, opinions differ. If you have no reason to do it to your body, there are plenty of painless hair removal methods to choose from. Like everything in life, Brazilian waxing has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to decide whether you focus on benefits or downsides. So, brave girls out there, have any of you ever tried a Brazilian wax? Feel free to share your experiences.