Cholesterol As a Compound In Some Foods That We Eat

Nov 26, 2020

For many health-conscious food buyers, the questions that come to mind before ordering food or ingredients online are; is this option healthy? Does it have safe levels of cholesterol? That is because they know that high levels of cholesterol in the body can jeopardize their health. Fortunately, there are several meal delivery services out there that offer carefully selected options with their buyers’ concerns in mind. These services include Home Chef, Hello Fresh, and Sun Basket.

1. Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a type of lipid that looks waxy and fat-like. Found in the body cells, this substance originates from two sources; the foods that we eat and the liver. In the liver, it’s produced as a result of a process known as “biosynthesis,” the production of complex molecules within the cells of living organisms.

As far as foods as a source of cholesterol go, only those that come from animals or made with animal products like milk or cooking oils have it. Examples of these are red meat, milk, yogurt, french fries, and so on. Foods that are entirely plant-based and not cooked with oils do not consist of cholesterol. Good examples include boiled potatoes, steamed vegetables, etc.

2. Role of Cholesterol In the Body

Though we often demonize it, cholesterol actually plays a key role in the body. It does so by providing several critical functions. Below are some:

First, cholesterol forms an essential part of cell membranes. These are structures that border every cell in the human body. Their job is to separate the intracellular environment from the extracellular environment.

Second, this substance contributes to the synthesis of reproductive hormones such as testosterone and progesterone 2. These are important for men and women, respectively.

Third, it serves as an important ingredient for the making of vitamin D by the skin. I hope you know the functions of this vitamin, which helps with bone formation and keeping bones strong as well as healthy.

Fourth, cholesterol allows the body to generate bile acids. These acids help break down fats so that the body can absorb them more effectively.

Fifth, this substance serves as a key source of energy for the body. That is especially when glucose levels are low.

Sixth, according to this study, cholesterol may correlate with body temperatures as patients with high cholesterol levels reported increased sweating. As such, this compound may be helpful where high body temperatures are needed e.g when living in very cold regions.

3. Examples of Food Sources of Cholesterol

As said earlier, cholesterol comes from certain foods and the liver. As far as examples of food sources of it go, the list entails the following foods:

  • – Milk
  • – Ghee
  • – Eggs
  • – Shellfish
  • – Red meat
  • – Sardines
  • – Fried foods like deep-fried cheese sticks or potato chips.
  • – Meat pies

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4. The Danger of Having High Cholesterol In the Body

Even though cholesterol plays an important function in the body, having high levels of this substance in the body can pose a huge health risk. That explains why it has a very bad reputation.

Having high cholesterol levels may lead to a person having fatty deposits in their arteries and veins. These deposits will grow, and may eventually block the blood vessels. Consequently, this will make it difficult for blood to flow to different parts of their body properly. This may lead to several health complications including stroke, heart attack, and so on.

High cholesterol mostly emanates from making poor dietary and lifestyle choices. You should eat foods that do not contain too much of this compound. Apart from that, you should avoid leading a sedentary lifestyle but instead work out regularly. Doing so will help break cholesterol down, reducing its levels in the body. However, cholesterol can also be an inherited issue.

5. The Recommended Cholesterol Levels

Taking into account the health risk involved in having insufficient levels or high levels of cholesterol in the body, it’s only fair that you want to know the recommended levels of this compound in the body. It’s worth noting that children and adults have different recommended levels of it. For example, children need between 170 and 199 mg of cholesterol per 100 ml of blood while adults require between 200mg and 300 mg per daily intake. For children or adults, any cholesterol levels below or above these can put one’s health in harm’s way.

6. Steak with Horseradish-Herb Cream and Potato Pressé and Wilted Spinach

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7. Final Thoughts

Cholesterol plays an important role in the body. For example, this waxy and fat-like compound forms an essential part of cell membranes. Apart from that, it contributes to the synthesis of reproductive hormones such as testosterone and progesterone 2. That’s not to mention that it participates in the manufacture of vitamin D by the skin. Unfortunately, high levels of it can lead to some serious health problems such as stroke and heart attack. As such, we should stick to the recommended levels of it as shown above by consuming cholesterol-low foods. One of them is steak with horseradish-herb cream and potatoes pressé plus wilted spinach.