The Doughnut Walls Are Not Only for Weddings

Weddings are known for making people come with ingenious ideas about how to make the event as memorable as possible. We have seen some crazy things pop up, but nothing of late has been as intriguing as a new fad called the doughnut wall.

These presentations put the traditional dessert table to shame by adding a fun and edible backdrop. Though doughnut walls have been hugely popular at weddings, there’s no reason not to take this idea to enhance your next event.

What makes doughnut walls so great? One first glance, there is something extremely satisfying about sugary, frosted rings of goodness lined up in perfect symmetry. No matter what the doughnuts look like, a doughnut wall becomes an immediate piece of edible art. Just take a peek at Instagram to see how jaw-dropping gorgeous (and delicious) these displays can be.

Thematic elements of doughnut walls are endless

Next, the thematic elements are endless. Hanging anything on a peg board is pretty smooth. DIYers swear by them for creating the perfect installations for their homes or offices. Now that doughnuts have been added to the list of things peg boards put on display, you can have fun arranging the confections however you like.

For example, spell out names with frosted doughnuts or by arranging the pegs to make shapes; use different color frosting or dough to create images; create a monochromatic or rainbow display; or incorporate the color of the peg board or panel into the scene (like at a prom).

What’s more, you can have unfinished doughnuts hanging on the wall with toppings and icing set below. That way, guests can make their own unique treat. Kids will have fun with the customization doughnut option too.

Ultimately, what makes a doughnut wall great is the versatility. You are not limited to space, because peg board panels are easy enough to lean against a wall you already have or can be placed to stand freely. Also vertically hanging things are a tremendous space saver. So if you are cramped, putting dessert on a wall will give guest more room to fill their tummies with doughnut-happiness.

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Douthunt walls are budget friendly

If you like DIYing, doughnut walls are budget friendly. You can purchase most of the supplies at a dollar store. Some party-planning companies are even banking on this trend and will install a peg board wall for you if you are keen on the doughnut wall idea but do not want to make the entire thing yourself.

You are not limited to doughnuts either. If your event is in the morning, you can hang bagels on the wall too. Fruits that come in bundles – like bananas and grapes – can also be featured with the baked goods. The presentation will be attractive to the eye and to the palate.

No one can say no to a good doughnut. Bring smiles to the faces of your guests no matter what event you are hosting with a simple but effective doughnut wall.