10 Funkiest Fall Lipstick Trends to Try

Nov 18, 2016

If you are looking to make a serious beauty statement this fall season, you will be happy to know that ten new fall lipstick trends just popped up on the radar. Bold lips are the latest fall trend taking the beauty world by storm, so if you are up to it, give these colors a try.

1 Purple

Whether it is bright or deep, purple lippies are all over the Internet for new fall lipstick color must-haves. This bold lip will be perfect with your huge knitted sweaters, leggings, and boots, especially when you can just throw it on with a cat eye or some simple, clean eyeshadow and bound out the door in all your glorious confidence and purple poutiness. A few of the best buys for this bold lip color are Nyx’s High Voltage Lipstick in Twisted and Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Envy Liquids in Savage Garden.

2 Mint

Mint is the color of the year in every category, including lips. Bold lips for fall 2016 are coming in hot and you can prepare yourself by going with one of everyone’s favorites by picking up Ka’oir Lipstick’s Excite-Mint.

Along with it is cute name, this lippy will give your lips the cool color and have you looking trendy and bold – even if this color is a pretty pastel. But if you want to be even more bold, you can pair this lip color with purple – a favorite color combo of the beauty world – on your lips.

3 Orange

I know, I know – orange? Really? You are thinking, “How could orange possibly be trending?” But it is ladies, and you have to give it a whirl. This lip is bolder than bold because it’s such an untraditional color. Most of us probably hate the color, but if you have the right look, and the balls to go for it, I say you go, girl.

You can find some lovely, and bright, orange lippies by looking at Maybelline’s Color Sensational line or going online to one of the newest, most popular sites, Colour Pop. Whether you go bold with the rest of your look, or subtle, you will stand out of the crowd with this color.

4 Blue

All shades of blue are getting some love for fall this year, but most of all is the deepest, darkest blue you can find. This color will look lovely on any skin complexion, trust me. Blue is a universal color, and its beauty knows no bounds.

If you feel like you want to try something new, but are a little shier than the rest of us, try this fall lipstick trend. You can find a great option by Nyx at the drugstore – their liquid suede cream lipstick in stone fox. You can pair it with some nudes on the eyes, go natural, or take a risk and go smoky. Either way, you will rock it, I know it.

5 Grey

If you love Kylie Jenner and her lip line, you will want to try her new trend: charcoal lips. If you follow her Twitter, Instagram – really any social media at all – you will have seen her rocking metallic grey lips. But the fall lipstick trend does not stop there.

Ladies all around the world are posing with charcoal, matte, metallic, you name it, they are wearing it. Grey lips will compliment any outfit of any wardrobe. It is neutral enough to give you confidence, but bold enough to boost that confidence to swagger when you walk down the street in your skinnies, boots, and sweater. Kylie Jenner knows how to rock a new grey lipstick trend.

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6 Teal

When trying this fall lipstick trend, you need to have some serious confidence. Teal is as bright and as unusual as they come, but if you can wear it with pride, you can wear anything. This lip is trending hard for fall 2016, but few actually have the courage to wear it. But why?

This lip color is incomparably gorgeous to any other shade, and literally everyone will envy you when you can pull this off. Give it a try and pick up Lime Crime’s lipstick in Cry Baby. You will be surprised at what you can pull off, trust me.

7 Brown

We are all throwing back to the nineties this fall with the brown lip trend. From deep, dark, espresso, to light brown chocolate, and everything in between. You’ll see Kylie Jenner rocking this trend, too. The best thing about this lip color is that it works with almost everyone and everything.

It is neutral, but it gives off an air of confidence when you wear it – like, yeah, I am wearing brown lipstick and a choker and I look like I jumped straight from the 90’s to 2016, deal with it. If you want to start safe, but still throw in some sass to your look, this fall lipstick trend is your new bestie.

8 Yellow

Now this one, this particular one, is for the straight up fearless women out there. You thought orange was tough? Try yellow. This may seem crazy – and it is – but if you can actually pull off this banana bright lipstick, you will be the queen of all beauty forever – I mean it. You should earn a crown and sash if you are courageous enough to slather this puppy on.

9 Pink

Now, I know pink is not an unusual color – nude pinks are all the rage for fall – but this year, bright, Barbie pink is climbing and clawing its way into out pumpkin spiced season. You would think bright, neon pink would stay in summer, but no; we’re bringing it along to fall and loving it all the more.

Why wear easy, dull, nudes when you can rock your pink all year long, including fall, while you sip your pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks? So dig out your summer faves and lather them on because this season is all about bright colors.

10 Green

Green is a usual color for fall, but when I say green, I don’t mean deep forest or military green. I mean vivid, light and medium shades of green. There will be no normal fall colors this year – no, we are going to rock our bright shades of green and smile when people stare.

This is another courageous choice, but if you love who you are and feel you can make this a staple in your leafy season, I say go for it – go buy Kat Von D’s studded kiss lipstick in Plan 9 and slap that sucker on like it is no one’s business, because it really isn’t.

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That’s all the crazy fall lipstick trends I have for you now. So go out and enjoy your bright, bold lippies. Your makeup is for you to enjoy and have fun with, so try something new and smile with confidence as they stare at your funky fall lips.