8 Family-Friendly Fourth of July Activities

Oct 27, 2022

Independence Day is a special holiday for all Americans. This is a perfect time to feel the spirit of patriotism and, of course, it`s a great opportunity to spend the whole day with your family and friends. This day is all about BBQ, outdoor games, fireworks, and delicious treats, so if you want to have a lot of fun with family and friends, here are some of the best family-friendly 4th of July activities to enjoy…

1 Visit historical landmarks

You have enough free time from work to plan a trip to some historical places this week. Head to east coast. People traditionally go there to see The White House, Arlington National Cemetery, Plymouth Rock or Colonial Williamsburg for starters. There are the roots of our country every American should see and be aware of thus it`ll be a useful trip for your entire family. Plan the excursions in order to entertain the children, ask them what they want to see. It`s better to arrange everything in advance as there`ll be a lot of visitors.

2 Have a history lesson

Tell your children about our country`s history. Have a short history lesson in a family circle. You can even have a kind of quiz after the small lecture about the Declaration of Independence, when it was first celebrated and who declared the 4th of July to be a legal public holiday. You can buy something cheap, colorful and traditional to present your kids with for each correct answer. It`s going to be informative and fun so your family will definitely like it.

3 Get crafty

Show your creativity and your DIY skills on the 4th of July. Gather your family members and make something patriotic such as patriotic pinwheels, firework pom-poms, American banner or American flag tissue paper wreaths. It`ll bring you closer and you`ll feel like a true community. After all, Independence day is also a holiday of unity thus you may celebrate it by getting crafty at home with people you love.

4 Have a picnic in the park

Low in cash? Why not have a picnic in the park on the 4th of July? You can have a really happy time outdoors. We don’t need tons of money to have fun, do we? There are many free outdoor games both parents and kids can enjoy. Moreover, there`ll be other families and single people, so if you want to have a picnic but have nobody to join you, don’t worry – you won’t be alone.

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5 Sing

If you`re going to throw the Fourth of July party, prepare American national songs to sing together. Everyone heard “You`re a Grand Old Flag” and “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Make enough copies of the texts to share with each guest and make sure you have a lot of drinks. Some people are not brave enough to sing without having a drink.

6 Head to a parade (or arrange your own one)

Most cities have huge parades on the 4th of July and probably there`s some in your area. If you don’t have any, why not organize your own one? Wear blue, red and white clothes, take flags and turn on some national music. Invite your friends, neighbors and anyone who wants to join you. Parades are so attractive for children as there`s a huge variety of colors, interesting performances, friendly atmosphere and beautiful fireworks. These events really make people proud to be Americans.

7 Visit the nearest amusement park

If you prefer to have a rest without cooking and arranging anything, you can just go to the nearest amusement park. Children will love it as the amusement park is all about various attractions, tasty sweets and lots of fun. On Independence Day, many parks have firework shows, performances, festivals and other thematic events.

8 Plan a potluck BBQ

Finally, another budget-friendly way to celebrate Independence Day is to host a potluck BBQ. Invite your family, friends and neighbors to celebrate this amazing holiday. Ask them to bring some drinks and meals. Ask your children to help you make some decorations to add a patriotic touch to your BBQ party. While children play different games, you can have a friendly talk with the guests.

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There are many activities to try on the 4th of July. Independence Day is an important day for every American thus make sure you spend it with dignity. Plan your holiday carefully but at first ask each of your family members about what kind of celebration they want to have. You may gather everyone and vote to find out what activity is the most preferable. What other activities you are going to enjoy on the 4th of July?