7 Fun Drinking Games

Looking for new, fun and weird drinking games to try over the weekend? You’ve come to the right place. Oftentimes, it’s hard to find a good reason to get drunk with either your friends or your significant other, but now you have that reason. Who wouldn’t like to try and test new drinking games? Check out some of them right now:

1 Sip Sip Shot

When you were a child, you probably played Duck, Duck, Goose. Sip Sip Shot is an adult version to try with your friends. Ask them to sit in a circle. Start going around bopping each of them on the head. When bopping, you should say, “Sip!” Every bopped friend sips a drink of their choice until you pick one friend and tell, “Shot!” The shot friend should chase and catch you. If they do it, they will become a bopper. If not, they will have to have a shot.

2 Bite the Bag

Place a paper bag on the floor. Each player should reach down and pick it up with their mouth, without using hands and touching the floor, except feet of course. If a player fails, they should take a shot. Cut off an inch from the top of the bag after each round. Keep playing and drinking until you see the very bottom of the bag.

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3 Medusa

Prepare as many full shot glasses and jello shots as you and your friend can drink, and start the game. Sit around a table (it’s best if you have a circular one) with your heads down. On the count of three, looks up at each other. If two players are looking directly into each other’s eyes, they must shout out “Medusa!” and quickly take a shot. The player who’ll be the last to take a shot should take another one.

4 Mr. Freeze

This drinking game trains your attention and speed and is usually played during the entire party. Choose Mr. Freeze and watch him or her. Anytime he or she freezes, all of you should freeze too. The last one takes a shot and becomes a new Mr. Freeze.

5 Cup Swap

If you really want to get drunk tonight, the Cup Swap game is your option. Each of you grab a spoon and 2 cups – one empty cup and one jello shot or a cup of any alcoholic drink. On the count of three, each of you should transfer as much of drink as possible from one cup to another using the spoon in a minute. Drink whatever is left in the first cup, and exchange your second cup with your friend and drink.

6 Power Hour

Who’s willing to drink 10 shots within one hour or one shot of beer each minute for an hour? Actually, this game has no rules. It can be 15 shots or 2 hours. This drinking game is perfect for those who’s looking for a reason to get drunk super fast.

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7 Beer Pong

Depending on how many friends you have, you will need 12-16 glasses of beer and a ping pong ball. Create 2 teams and divide the glasses of beer. Just like you set up bowling pins, arrange the glasses on either side of a table. Sit opposite the other team and start the game. Throw your ping pong ball in to the each other’s glasses. Once it’s inside a glass, the opposite team should drink one glass of beer. If you make the opposing team drink all their glasses of beer, your team will win the game and you will decide who will drink the remaining beer.

While it’s not recommended to play any of these games on a daily basis, it’s okay to throw a party once a week or a month. You and your friends will have tons of fun and gain fantastic memories. Do you have any other drinking game ideas? And don’t forget to share your hangover tips with us.