7 Great Uses for Olive Oil

Oct 19, 2022

There are a few great uses for olive oil that you might not know about. Most of us have a bottle of olive oil in the kitchen that we usually keep for salad dressing and cooking. However, olive oil is much more versatile and we can use it in different life situations. Check out the list of 7 great uses for olive oil.

1 Great furniture polish

If you are going to polish the furniture or other wooden tools, then you can use olive oil as an excellent furniture polish. Just mix some olive oil with lemon juice, rub it into the wood using a soft cloth and enjoy incredibly beautiful furniture.

2 Removes paint

Believe it or not, but olive oil is extremely good at removing paint from the skin. When you are painting a piece of furniture or the house, you can guarantee that you will get paint on yourself. But don’t worry, olive oil will help you remove any paint in a jiff. Just rub it into the skin, leave for several minutes and wash off with water and soap.

3 Squeaky draws and hinges

Almost everyone feels terrible irritation when hear squeaky sounds of a door hinges. You can reach for the olive oil if you don’t have any lubricant in handy. Olive oil is also good at lubricating the chain of your bike or other metal constructions which utter a horrible squeaky sound. This simple and accessible method can give a stable result and rid you of squeaky sounds which can easily drive you mad.

4 Leather conditioner

Olive oil is a wonderful way to condition your leather items. You can easily remove strains and hide small folds and other bugs. It is used to condition the leather after molding and tooling, because these processes can dry it out. Take ¼ cup olive oil, pour into a spray bottle and wipe down. Your leather items will look fabulous in a quite short period of time.

5 Removes makeup

When you’ve got a face full of makeup then you have an insistent desire to clean everything off. There is no need to use various cosmetic tools if you have an olive oil at home. Olive oil is naturally less abrasive than other makeup removers. It boasts smoothing properties that help repair your skin. Olive oil is often used by women who have allergic reactions to typical makeup removers. This is due to the similarity of oil to normal human skin.

6 Hair conditioner

Olive oil is a natural moisturizer and hair conditioner. A teaspoon of oil can be quite enough to make your hair wondrous. Wrap it and massage in your hair and leave it for 20 minutes. Weekly olive oil treatments are a natural way to soften your hair. It also reduces the appearance of dandruff naturally without any chemical shampoos.

7 Body scrub

A mix of olive oil and granulated sugar is a natural body and face scrub you can use regularly. Just don’t scrub roughly and moisturize once you have rinsed your scrub off. You can make your scrub more scented by adding lemon juice and honey or a few drops of essential oils to it.

There are many wonderful uses for olive oil, so make sure you keep a bottle or two in your kitchen. Did you know about the aforementioned uses for olive oil?