Your Go-to Guide to Making Your Man Feel Special

Oct 28, 2022

You probably know how it`s great to hear that you`re special. This is an important thing to know as you don`t feel much eagerness to move on in life if no one appreciates you. Being a girlfriend isn`t all about being pampered and having a hot guy close to you all the time. If you want to have a strong, successful relationship, you need to be his muse and make his life brighter. Being a muse means providing your boyfriend with the feeling of his own uniqueness and if you do want him to feel inspired each day, take a look at this list of the simple tips on how to make him feel special.

1 Show your interest in his inner world

Discussing his inner world is a very intimate part of your relationship. Men tend to hide their inner world so you can’t simply make your guy talk about his deep feelings. Do it gradually. Most girls lose this healthy curiosity in a quite short time after the first date because she believes she knows everything about him. Don`t make the same mistake as it never leads to preferable results. Try to express your eagerness to see if he’s ready to discuss his inner world with you. Once he does it, don’t laugh at his feelings. Men like to know that there`s someone who cares about them and their interests the way they are indeed.

2 Take care of your own beauty

It may sound strange but taking care of yourself is also highly important if you aim to keep your beloved`s feeling of uniqueness alive. Women`s beauty is the key that opens a lot of doors and this one is no exception. It`s not obviously to spend a huge part of your budget on expensive clothes. No way! You should just make sure that you like the way you look every time you meet each other. Just try to take care of your body by eating healthy food and exercising regularly. Show him that you`re doing everything possible to look better – he will know that you are ready for everything to make him happy.

3 Inspire him to live a better life

Do you provide your guy with enough inspiration? It`s extremely important because if you don`t then he`ll lose his life goal and when it happens, a man becomes unable to create something new that makes him feel special. It may be a hard task but if you want to be a better girlfriend, try to master this skill. Inspiring him to live a better life doesn’t mean changing his life overall. Support him and say you are happy to be his girlfriend because nothing can give us more life energy than the reminding of our ability to make someone`s life better.

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4 Appreciate him

Appreciating all his attempts to make you happier is another thing he needs a lot in your relationship. We all like to be praised for the strength we pay when trying to make our best, that`s why you`ll find him contented when you say at least a simple “Thank you!” But don`t get into the habit of thanking for everything he does with the words only as it may sound insincere at times. Every girl knows what her guy needs to get as a prise to become fully happy so think about it and try to find the most interesting way to show how much you appreciate his love. Otherwise he`ll think that you take his efforts for granted.

5 Spend more time together

No matter how busy you are, your man should be your priority. I don’t understand those couples who rarely see each other because of their busy schedules. Even if he doesn’t complain about your busy schedule, he secretly dreams about spending more time with you. What about a romantic dinner tonight? Let him feel like he`s the only man in the world who has the right to enjoy your beautiful body. It`s another nice yet easy way to make him feel special. However intimacy isn`t all about sex, you should also hug, kiss and actually be close enough to your boyfriend to show you really love him.

6 Provide support

Providing a partner with constant support is an irreplaceable part of every happy relationship. You`d like to be encouraged to move forward with your life when going through difficult times, right? If he is trying to handle rough times, help him or at least support him. If he made a mistake, don’t blame. Instead try to understand him and encourage him to stay positive. Show your love – it’s actually what makes every man feel special.

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7 Compliment him secretly

Most guys say they hate compliments, but it’s a myth. Compliments are a special magic skill everyone can use whenever he or she remembers about it. Even though he may tell you he doesn’t like to be complimented, don’t give up. One compliment a day is a smart way to make your guy fall in love with himself – statistics show that men who hate compliment have low self-esteem. Is he good at keeping his family going well? Do tell him about it the next time he gets angry or depressed and you`ll see the positive change in his spirit immediately.

Try out some of these ways to make your man feel special and see how happier your relationship will become. The main thing you should always do to cope with this task is to show your love and provide him with a clear understanding that your life wouldn`t be so amazing without your boyfriend. What’s your way to make him feel special?