10 Healthiest Places in the World to Visit

There are many ways to live your life. But what if you are trying to be the healthiest version of yourself that you can be? Depending on where you grew up, and the type of lifestyle you live, you might be luckier or worse off than other people around the world.

When you are looking to travel but want to stay healthy, or maybe learn from other cultures how to get lean, consider traveling to these healthy locations, which continuously receive praise for being super-healthy.

10 Panama

The Volcan Valley of Panama, also known as “Shangri-La Valley,” has residents who live a remarkable 10-20 years longer than their fellow countrymen and women. This longevity has been credited to the pleasant, spring-time temperatures and the lifestyle.

Not only do the inhabitants of this beautiful region love spending time outdoors, they are in constant motion with farming and hiking and spending time with family and friends. They even live in peace with nature.

Mainly, the people of Volcan Valley rely purely on the land. Most of their sustenance comes from seafood, farm-raised eggs and chicken, and their own local produce. 80% of the nation’s fruit and vegetables comes from this region (International Living, 2015). What is more, everything is pesticide free and organic – even the coffee and wine.