8 Great Home Organization Blogs

Apr 25, 2016

We all need a little help with organization from time to time. Maybe your home is decently clean, but you have too much clutter and you do not know where to start with it. Or maybe you have too much stuff and not enough space for everything. Well, let me introduce you to several blogs that can help you conquer your mess.

1 I’m an Organizing Junkie

I’m an Organizing Junkie is a blog committed to helping people get rid of their clutter, both physical and mental. The blog has handy guides to decluttering and conquering your mess, motivation and encouragement to get you through a day of tough cleaning, step-by-step guides to organizing each room of your house, and even meal plans. It is a wonderfully comprehensive blog and a great place to be if you are just starting out.

2 Clean My Space

Melissa Maker started out as a YouTube sensation, but she has a blog, too. It is chock-full of tips and tricks to help keep your home clean and organized. What’s wonderful about her blog is that it is not about that weekly stress clean, but more about doing the little things that will help maintain organization and order throughout your home. Clean My Space is definitely worth checking out.


UFYH is a deliciously profane blog dedicated to helping young adults be “better than their mess.” It is down-to-earth, aggressive, and no-nonsense: a type of blog that is chicken soup for the soul of procrastination. They will tell you to “just do it.” Less of a how-to, and more of a kick in the pants, this blog will definitely help you on your road to organization and decluttering.

4 A Bowl Full of Lemons

A Bowl Full of Lemons focuses on organizing your home room-by-room. It has a series of systems that can help you organize your place. There is also a plan that will help you get your home organized in just 14 weeks that is stress free and completely manageable for the busy adult.

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5 I Heart Organizing

The I Heart Organizing blog is dedicated to easy step-by-step organization guides and how-tos. It is ideal if you just don’t know where to start with getting your home organized. This blog is full of beautiful visuals to give you an idea of what you are going for. The sense of humor and conversational, approachable writing style is hard to beat.

6 Unclutterer

Unclutterer is a blog dedicated to the mantra “a place for everything, and everything in its place.” They recognize that most of us do not have as much space as we would like. Their solution? Cut down on your stuff, rather than expand your space to fit all of it. Organizing is easier when you have less to organize. They regularly turn out inspirational articles about the art of organization and decluttering, and are all about efficiency and streamlining your space to fit your needs.

7 Organizing Made Fun

Organizing Made Fun is an immensely readable blog written by a mom who loves to organize. She writes about everything from organizing your pet to decluttering your office space, and has step-by-step idea guides about each room in your house. It is a great place to look for fresh ideas about those parts of your home that you may not have thought about.

8 Fly Lady

It is a bird, it is a plane, it is… Fly Lady? If you suffer from ‘cannot have anyone over’ syndrome, then do not worry, help is on the way. Fly Lady is a wonderful blog that believes in baby steps. It is useful and easy to read, and she has a wonderful sense of humor.

If you are too embarrassed about the state of your house to have people over, and are too overwhelmed with your mess and you do not know where to start organizing your house, she is the right person to go to.

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Organizing your closet, room, house and life is much easier when you know where to seek help. With a host of home organization blogs, you can end up cleaning your space without noticing that. What are your secrets to keeping your house clean? Maybe you have your own blog that can be added to this list?