4 Tricks to Keep Your Hair Color Shiny and Bright

Nov 8, 2016

We all love to dye our hair – whether it is a traditional dark brown, a bright red, or even a pastel blue. Our hair color represents our personality and style in the most unique way. But great color starts with healthy hair, so here are the most effective tips to keep your locks luscious and as bright and colorful as your character.

1 Start with well-conditioned hair

Dying causes your hair to become weaker. It makes your hair follicles more porous, which in turn makes your hair lose moisture like crazy. To combat this, start before you even choose your color and do some deep conditioning treatments.

Whether you do a hair mask, or a homemade remedy; condition, condition, condition. After you are all ready and have your color picked out, have your stylist use only quality, condition hair colors. If you want a vivid color that lasts, have it done professionally.

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2 Be careful with your shampoo

Once your color is in, keep your hair shiny and soft by avoiding shampooing your color treated hair for at least two days. But if you can go longer without becoming a messy grease ball, do it. This will give your color plenty of time to set.

But even after this, shampoo your hair less frequently and use a color safe shampoo that is sulfate free and has a low alcohol level. In simple words, use clarifying shampoos. Sulfate and alcohols dry out the hair, makes it brittle, and more susceptible to breakage and damage. So check your labels.

Once you have got all that figured out, turn down the water temperature when shampooing, and when you are not washing your hair, keep it dry in the shower with a cap to stop your color from fading.

3 Cater to your color

Specific colors call for specific treatments. For example, if you adore every color of the rainbow, be prepared to dye your hair more often to keep the color vibrant. For more damaging, harsh colors like reds you will need to avoid heat as much as possible and be very particular about what kind of dye your stylist is using.

Be sure they use a dye that maximizes high-definition with minimum stress. But if you are dying your hair to mask greys, instead of using one color, cleverly use highlights to disguise the greys to give your hair depth. You can also ask your stylist for non-ammonia hair color formulated with pre-softening technology for long-lasting grey coverage.

4 Apply leave-in-treatments

If all else fails, use leave-in-treatments. As I mentioned before, deep conditioning treatments are going to be your best friend. These give your hair extra shine and strength. I personally do a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week, but you can do it more often if you feel your hair needs it.

You can also use leave-in-conditioners for a similar effect. If you are tired of hair masks and conditioning but still want some extra shine and luster, try a hot oil treatment that you can do at home. All you have to do is to go on Pinterest, find your favorite, and follow the steps.

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If you keep up with even half of these tips, your color will stay vivid and vibrant, and your hair healthy and shiny. If you keep up with all of them, your hair will be on a level you never even dreamed of. So grab some great shampoo, conditioner, treatments, and choose your dye wisely and you will be set for life.