10 Large Dog Breeds You Will Not Regret Owning

Apr 26, 2016

Small dogs are everywhere while bigger ones wow everyone. Owning a big dog is not as difficult as many people think, though. And, they are as lovely as small puppies. Although large dog breeds are perfect for suburban and country living, they live well in small houses too. If they get enough exercise in the morning, they will relax and sleep the rest of the day.

Many large dog breeds make fantastic family dogs, like Golden Retriever. They are calm and good with kids. Plus, they are incredibly protective.If you are looking to take responsibility for a large dog, here are ten breeds to consider.

1 Great Dane

One of the world’s tallest dog, Great Dane, is a 100 to 200 pound and 2 to 3-feet tall dog that is not that perfect for short people and families with little kids. The dog requires attention and a lot of space to play and exercise. Despite its size, Great Dane is friendly, calm, loyal, and totally lovely.