Mermaid Highlighters Are Now a Crucial Part of the Makeup World

Apr 1, 2017

I have a major makeup scoop for you, ladies! I have got my hands on a new trend and you are going to go wild for it.

Did you know every word to The Little Mermaid soundtrack? Do you look at your makeup collection and start singing, “You want thingamabobs? I’ve got twenty! But who cares? No big deal! I want mooooorrree!!!”

We feel you, Ariel. We want more too and we really want to be part of your world. Alas, that probably won’t be our real life anytime soon, so we’ll have to settle for our newest makeup obsession: Mermaid highlighters.

Looking like a mermaid princess

These iridescent pigment-rich highlighters will have you looking like a mermaid princess with just a sweep of the brush. You can choose between pigment “dramatizer” drops, pressed compacts, or loose powder. No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong with this shimmery goodness and starting at $9, there’s no reason you can’t collect them all.

Even the name of the colors will inspire you: Fantasy, Daydream, Next Level, Imaginary, Barbie Dazzle, Enchanted, Ethereal Greige. And then there are our secret favorites: What Unicorns Are Made of, Mermaid Water, and What Mermaids Are Made of! The true mermaid option, What Mermaids Are Made of, is an iridescent rainbow of fuchsia, lilac, and sapphire combining in a gorgeous golden-green shade.

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Of course, with makeup as enchanting and mesmerizing as these mermaid highlighters, you have to have an equally beautiful compact to keep them in, right? Lucky for you, you can pop your discs into one of their mermaid inspired compacts, complete with a stunning mermaid swimming on the front.

Thinking that mermaid highlighters are for teeny boppers only? Think again. These highlighters build in color and impact, so start with a light swipe of the brush for a hint of shimmer on your brow bone or inner eye corners. Going out on the town? Layer it a little thicker for added drama and cheekbones dripping in shimmery glimmering goodness. But do not go overboard.

The mermaid inspired makeup ranges from $9 to $30

These highlighters are unbelievably awesome from every angle and show off every mermaid color you could hope for. Love Lux Beauty is the company we can thank for our favorite makeup trend, but thankfully other brands are coming on board too. The mermaid inspired makeup ranges from $9 to $30 depending on if you choose a loose powder or liquid drops.

I suggest buying one in every color and option because I know you are going to be as obsessed with them as I am. Just make sure you prepare yourself for compliments and pickup lines every time you reach for the highlighter. I mean, for real, who doesn’t love a mermaid?