What I Am Going to Do on Monday’s Solar Eclipse

Aug 20, 2017

A total solar eclipse is happening in the United States on Monday, August 21st. This is a big deal since the last total eclipse happened in 1979. I was not even alive then! Unfortunately, I will not be in the path of the total eclipse but I still have plans to enjoy this event.

First, I have solar glasses

This is the most important item for the eclipse and you need to have them too. Why? Because if you don’t, you could suffer from permanent eye damage. I know it sounds like an old wives’ tale, but looking at the sun for even a very brief amount of time will cause permanent eye damage.

There is no way to reverse sun damage to your eyes, so you need to be extremely cautious. Make sure your solar glasses are certified. Inspect them closely and look for any scratches or damage. If they are scratched, do net wear them.

I got my solar glasses online, but it might be a little late for you to do that. Check with your local community groups and libraries to see if they have any glasses for free. This might be a good time to put out SOS on social media.

You might have a friend or coworker with an extra pair since many outlets sold glasses in packs instead of individually. If you have no luck finding glasses, check out NASA’s website for a tutorial on how to make your own solar viewing panel. These are very easy to make and can be a fun project for you to do with kids.

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I will be experiencing the eclipse solo

Some people are having solar eclipse viewing parties, but my family and friends will be at work and my kids will be in school. So, I will be experiencing the eclipse solo. The advantage of working from home is that I can head outside anytime. It might not be so easy for you. Make sure your boss is okay with you skipping out for a bit. Hopefully, they will go outside and join you.

My kids will be inside because it is their first day of school. I considered checking them out for an hour but the school is going to live stream the eclipse on television. This is the best option for my children because they’re still small. No one will have to worry about them taking their glasses off or accidentally dropping them and staring at the sun in disbelief.

I have a backup plan, too

If you do not have glasses or can’t get outside, you can also watch the livestream hosted by NASA. I plan on having both the livestream and my glasses ready for the event. It is safe to take pictures with your smartphone, so have it ready too. If you want to use your DSLR, make sure you have a special filter for your lens or you will permanently damage your camera.

What are your plans for viewing the eclipse? Remember you can stay inside if want, but it’s totally safe to be outside during the full and partial eclipse. Just make sure to have a proper device for viewing the sun. Have fun and be safe!