10. Piccadilly Circus, London, UK

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Piccadilly Circus is one of the symbols of the capital of Great Britain: songs and paintings are dedicated to it, and the promenade appears in the stories of writers and becomes the backdrop or scene of films. With so many attractions, it’s easy to see why visitors can’t wait to board London’s double-decker buses to visit this part of town.

This famous street is a classic example of the center of a European capital. Popular among visitors to the UK, Piccadilly Circus is home to nightclubs, theaters, and memorials that are known throughout the world. Filled with illuminated signs and crowds of people, this thoroughfare is one of the most recognized stretches of asphalt worldwide.

Unique attractions give this one of the most amazing streets in the world a special charm and attractiveness. The most famous is the Royal Academy of Arts, which has a permanent collection represented by the works of Michelangelo and other famous creators. The Church of St. James is a beautiful religious building erected in the second half of the 17th century. In addition, the Statue of Eros, an unusual sculpture, was created by Alfred Gilberti as a memory of the generous man Lord Shaftesbury. London’s Cupid Museum, a cultural institution whose exhibits tell about love, is another place of interest here.

A trip down any one of these streets would be magnificent, but if you are lucky enough to see them all so much the better! Each one is wonderful in its unique way.

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