3. Las Vegas Strip, Nevada, US

Perhaps the best-lit street on the planet, the Las Vegas Strip is known worldwide for its magnificent displays of illuminated signs, luxury hotels, and casinos. Tourists come from all over the world to shop, attend shows, and people watch along this strip that has become synonymous with gambling, risk-taking, and thrill-seeking!

The Las Vegas Strip is famous for its casinos (including the legendary Caesar’s Palace) and luxury hotels. Each building on this amazing street can be seen as a wild splash of the architectural imagination of the creators. There is a copy of the Eiffel Tower and the Brooklyn Bridge, the Egyptian Pyramid and the figure of the Sphinx, a medieval castle, and other exquisite buildings.

In addition to numerous hotels and casinos in the vicinity of Strip Street, several golf clubs are currently open: Bali Hai Golf Club, Twilight Zone by Monster Mini Golf, and Golf Reservations at Venetian and Palazzo. Of the amusement parks on the Las Vegas Strip, it is worth highlighting Adventuredome and Sky Zone Trampoline. Also on this spectacular street is the famous casino-hotel Stratosphere, on the territory of which a high tower of the same name was built. One of the main attractions here is bungee jumping from the tower’s top floor.

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