8. Via Appia, Rome, Italy

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Among the earliest Roman roads, it remains one of the most famous streets today. The Via Appia is the first ancient pedestrian and horse-drawn highway. At one time, it connected Rome with the farthest part of the Apennine Peninsula, and today it is a universally recognized landmark of Italy. Walking part of the Via Appia, or Appian Way as it is often called, is a memorable event one will never forget.

There is a section of the Via Appia used in Rome today for heavy traffic, yet much of this road that leads out of the city is in ruins. Even so, these ruins and the archeological sites along the road attract people from all over the world. Moreover, the quality of Roman construction is evident in this road’s classical design.

This one of the most beautiful streets was used by the Romans for trade and military campaigns, later by Christians for pilgrimages to the holy places of Rome, but in the 19th century. Then, oblivion overtook the road. Today, a regional park is located on one of the sections of the road, and the road itself has the status of a state one. Excursions along this route will help you get to know its history and many modern and ancient buildings in more detail.