9. Paseo De La Reforma, Mexico City, Mexico

Photo: Jorge Lascar

One of the most famous streets in the western hemisphere, Paseo de la Reforma, is well-known throughout the world. The central street of Mexico City, about 15 km long, was designed by Ferdinand von Rosenzweig in 1860, modeled on the Champs Elysees in Paris.

Modeled after Europe’s grand boulevards, Mexico City’s major thoroughfare is home to the nation’s National Palace as well as renowned landmarks like El Angel de la Independencia and others that honor heroes of Mexico and the Americas. The main attraction of the spectacular avenue is the Angel of Independence column with a gilded statue of the Winged Victory. On the avenue are the tallest buildings in Mexico: skyscrapers Torre Mayor, Torre Reforma, and 4 others under construction. Reforma Avenue is a traditional place for celebrations, parades, and protests.

Studded with luxury hotels, modern high-rise buildings, luxury shops, restaurants and hotels, office buildings, embassies of several countries, museums and exhibition halls, and a zoo, this is a must-visit street when traveling to Mexico City.