Awesomely Delicious Oreo Milkshake You Can Drink Guilt-Free (Video)

Aug 7, 2020

I have been a milkshake junkie since I started walking and left my pacifier. My mom says it is a kind of addiction. Er… yes, perhaps. The reason why I drank milkshakes instead of plain milk was my difficult relationship with dairy. I simply hated those milky things. But milkshake was something delicious to me. Poor mom, she had to rack her brains to add some milk to my eating plan.

How to make guilt-free Oreo milkshake

Now that I still hate plain milk or any type of milk, but love milkshakes, I do not stop creating and testing new milkshake recipes. This oreo milkshake is one of my favorite treats, because it is tasty and not full of guilt and calories. Plus, super easy to make.

Oreo Milkshake You Can Drink Guilt-Free (Video)

Oftentimes, indulging your sweet tooth with healthy and delicious drinks can save you from impulsively eating cookies and cakes every time you head to the kitchen to calm down your cravings. Oreo milkshake can work miracles for you.