7 Great Reasons to Go to Ireland on Patrick’s Day

Aug 7, 2020

Still doubting where to go on Patrick’s Day? Stop tormenting Google with your uncertain questions. Pack your bag and head to Ireland. You still have time to get there, regardless of where you live. Ireland boasts an incredible beauty all year round, but there is something special about visiting any part of the country around St. Patrick’s Day. From renowned annual festivals and classic Irish music to green lights and food, Ireland has many things that will make your eyes stand out of your head.

1 Meet people who never cry

Of course, they cry… sometimes… maybe. I have never seen it. All I see every time I visit Dublin and some other smaller cities and towns like Edenberry or Hackettstown is happy faces. Irish people seem to enjoy smiling and making others smile. If you want to find an enormous source of positivity, go to Ireland. You will not feel alone or depressed anymore.

2 Listen to classic Irish music

With modern technology and free Wi-Fi, it is easy to find any kind of music online. This is a reason so many people spend more time in front of the screens in a virtual world than in a real life. Listening to classic Irish music online is not the same as you listen to it alive. Ireland offers plenty of live music and dance over St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Doesn’t it sound like a good reason to visit the country on March, 17?

3 Explore the historic side of Ireland

If you are going to visit Dublin, take the time to explore the city’s ancient pre-Viking sites to find out more facts about the relationship between St. Patrick and pre-Viking Dublin. When in Dublin, make sure you do not miss the tour ‘Dublin – Very Special St. Patrick’s Day Walk.’ The walk lasts a bit more than two hours.

4 Taste Irish beers

Whether you love beer or not, you will be amazed by different kinds of beer you will taste in Ireland. Enjoying authentic Irish beers in the heart of the country is a unique experience that you will never forget. Green beer is almost everywhere on Patrick’s Day, but Irish beer is something more than just a green beer.

5 St. Patrick’s Festival Parade

One of the most common reasons why a lot of people visit Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day is because of a spectacular parade it hosts on March 17. The parade starts at 12.00 pm at Parnell Square, Dublin 1. It is free, so why not visit it? Just make sure you come earlier to be closer to the event. And, don’t forget about your green costume and accessories.

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6 Greening the City

This is a programme that encourages businesses and buildings in Dublin to light their buildings green. Of course, you can see how the Dublin’s most iconic buildings – from government buildings, hotels and stations to galleries and castles – ‘go green’ online, but if you can afford a trip to Dublin this year, enjoy the event that starts at 6.00 pm, Sun, 20 Mar.

7 Dublin Discovered Boat Tours

A 45-minute cruise of the River Liffey will let you explore the city from absolutely another angle. A famous red boat is not only popular among tourists, but locals love it too. There are four daily sailings: 11.30 am, 12.30 pm, 14.15 pm, and 15.15 pm. Since St. Patrick’s Festival Parade starts at 12 pm, you may have an excellent opportunity to watch the parade in a unique way.

The best part about visiting Ireland for Patrick’s Day is because even if you visit Dublin on March 20, you will find a host of exciting Patrick’s Day events and fun activities to try. Still hesitating? Check out the video below. Grab your friends, significant other or simply yourself, and head to Dublin. You will not regret it!