7 Reasons to Let Your Boyfriend Dress You for a Week

After reading the article title, you are probably screaming ‘no way’ in your head. Most men are not actually known for their understanding of fashion style, so unless you are dating a fashion guru, why not you let your boyfriend pick some clothes for you?

Despite your initial instinct, this idea can be very beneficial for both of you and your relationship. It may help your boyfriend develop a better understanding of your personality and give you two an opportunity to do something completely new together. As long as you are open-minded and relaxed about it, it can be an entertaining experience. So, without further ado, here are seven reasons to let your boyfriend dress you for a week.

1 You can have a stress-free week

You are probably used to stressing about what to wear to work or on a date. For a week, you will not have to. Accept that you have no control over these choices and instead of stressing about it, enjoy this newly found freedom. If anyone happens to have any complaints about your wardrobe choices, just blame your boyfriend.

2 Your boyfriend may finally start understanding why it takes you so long to get ready

For men, getting dressed is usually a simple process. They grab a clean shirt and a pair of jeans, and they are ready to go. Sometimes they will have to put on a suit, but that is about as complex as it gets. When your boyfriend realizes that you have to make your choices from numerous items of clothing and when he experiences first hand that pairing these items to look good is not that simple, he may change his perspective.

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3 He may help you discover new combinations

While your boyfriend may not be a fashion guru, he has some idea of what he likes. The odds are, some of the combinations he picks will be to your liking, even though you would never pick them on your own. They might also involve certain items of clothing that you did not wear at all.

4 You will develop a better sense of his taste

Your boyfriend probably compliments your fashion style all the time. This does not mean he likes your every choice, but it might be hard for him to criticize you. This will give you an excellent opportunity to figure out what his likes and dislikes are, and what combinations he finds particularly sexy, cute and attractive.

5 You will spend time doing something together

Every moment in a relationship you spend doing something together is valuable. This especially is if it involves making decisions and discussing things. Plus, shopping together is a fun couple activity too.

6 You might have a free shopping tour

I will not say that this should be the number one reason, but who doesn’t like free shopping? Your boyfriend may struggle with finding good combinations in your existing inventory, or he may have certain secret desires that he has never mentioned before. Either way, this can lead to shopping for new clothes. Once you understand what he is looking to buy, you can help him with some constructive advice to make sure you do not end up with an item you will only wear once.

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7 Challenge him

If you do this, he will have hard time turning you down when you ask him to do the same. Women often say they wished their men dressed better. Well, if you accept to do this, you can use it as a bargaining chip when you ask to dress him for a week. You will finally get a chance to see dress him the way you want and, hopefully, develop his fashion style sense in the process.

Not every girl is brave enough to let her boyfriend or husband dress her even for a day. However, this challenge has more pros than cons. Give it a try, but do not get angry when he chooses the wrong color combo. Have fun!