8 Reasons Why It’s Essential to Study History

Many of us have the faintest idea what happened in the past and how it can affect our present and future. History isn’t just a school subject. It’s our pride, our shame and our mystery. We can’t erase the history of past generations, but we can learn many valuable lessons from them. Here’s why it’s so important to start learning history.

1 Know the past

Few people care about what people that are no longer with us did in the past. You don’t have to dwell on that past, but isn’t it interesting to know what happened a thousand years ago? Isn’t it interesting to know your ancestor’s life story? History plays a critical role in our lives. It helps us escape the most dangerous mistakes dead people made many years ago.

2 Recognize red flags

The past events can teach us many valuable lessons. When we recognize the red flags, we can avoid or combat against them. We can escape conflicts, wars, the Holocaust, the Holodomor, and many other terrifying events that happened in the past. We can’t change the present and the future without knowing the past.

3 Understand past generations

My mom once said, “If your great-grandmother was alive, she would have laughed at our lifestyles.” It was interesting for me to learn more facts about the past generations and understand why they had different life priorities and what purposes they had.

4 Understand modern society

There’s a thin line between the past and the present. Things that happened many years ago can affect what is happening today. Learn about the events that helped shape your ancestors’ lives as well as your own life. This will help you understand modern society better.

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5 It’s incredibly interesting

Have you ever wanted to know more about women in history, ancient buildings or prominent battles? History is unbelievably interesting. Choose the aspect of history that totally intrigues you and grab as many history books as you can read. This might become your new hobby. History isn’t boring when you love what you read.

6 Realize how life has changed over the years

Do you know about the events that led up to WWI and WWII? We know about these wars, but we hardly understand the change and reason. Life is full of changes but the only thing that can help us understand those changes is history. Events happen at an ever-increasing pace. Studying history is a simple way to be in tune with the present.

7 Know the most prominent people

Kings, queens, explorers, sovereigns, researchers, artists and many other prominent people did a lot for us. Yes, some of them did terrible, disgusting and horrible things like death penalty, but generally we have many things thanks to them. Remembering their names is one of the best ways to be grateful to them for what they did.

8 Find inspiration

Finally, history is a fantastic source of inspiration. It can inspire you to create an event that will change your future family life or your society. It can also inspire you to become a better person and find your true calling in life. History has helped many people discover their talents and develop new skills. Who knows, maybe it will help you too.

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I didn’t like the subject of history at school. It was one of the worst subjects ever. Now that I realize how history is important to us, I wish I spent more time reading history books. After all, one day all of us will be someone else’s history so let’s not forget about the past and create a happy future. Are you a history junkie? What are you interested in?