7 Surprising Things Your iPhone Can Do

Oct 19, 2022

Do you know that your iPhone is hiding some secrets from you? These surprising things can absolutely shift the way you use your phone. Even if you’ve been a loyal user of iPhone for almost 8 years, trust me, there are a few things that you might not know about. Take a look at the list below and feel free to add to it after reading through.

1 Switch Control

When I first heard about it, it completely blew my mind. Could you imagine controlling your cherished iPhone with the head? Switch Control was initially created to help people with some disabilities. However, you can use it too. Access Switch Control through the Accessibility menu of Settings, set it up and tilt your head to check something on your iPhone.

2 Undo your typos by simple shaking

It can be difficult to type on a small screen, so many typos happen at times. That’s why Apple made this wonderful and useful feature. Slightly shake your iPhone and it will bring up several options to cancel and continue or to undo the typing. It’s so convenient, isn’t it?

3 Location-based reminder

It’s one of the most unknown things many people don’t know about iPhone. Stop making those mental lists and try to put Reminders to better use. Your iPhone can remind you to do something when you leave or arrive at a certain place. Start with setting up a reminder, and then tap the info icon to activate the location feature. Your iPhone will use its GPS to remind you something when you are at that certain place.

4 The burst feature

Are you disappointed that lots of your photos turn out blurred? Thanks to the burst feature, your iPhone can take plenty of photos at once. Just hold down the picture button for a continuous stream of photos. Then, scroll through your gallery and you will certainly find the most beautiful photo.

5 Take photos with volume control

Often it can be difficult to take a photo with the touch screen button. So try to take photos with the volume controls on your iPhone. If you are using headphones, don’t worry. The volume control buttons on the headphones can also take photos. Give it a try, you will like it!

6 Fast charging

If you need to charge your iPhone as fast as possible, put it on airplane mode and you phone will charge twice as fast. That’s because your iPhone will not be wasting its battery trying to find, for instance, Wi-Fi connections. I think it’s a useful thing every iPhone user should know about.

7 The Blocked list

I really like this great thing about my iPhone. When someone calls me a few times each hour, it’s so annoying, but luckily I can easily block this annoying caller. If you’re tired of constant phone calls from your ex, go into the menu in your Settings and add his number to the Blocked list. Now you can relax and enjoy the quiet, even if it’s only for a while.

It’s useful to know things your iPhone can do because your phone can really make your life a bit easier. Did you know about these things your iPhone can do? Do you know any other tricks? Don’t forget to share them with us in the comments section.