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10. Exclude Foul Language

As society evolves, there is a growing need for people, especially young boys, to understand and practice the importance of proper communication. One aspect of communication that is often overlooked is the use of foul language. Using foul language may seem harmless, but it can have a negative impact on a person’s image and behavior. Therefore, it is essential to teach boys from an early age the significance of never using foul language as a way of becoming gentlemen.

To begin with, the use of foul language portrays a lack of control over one’s emotions. So, using foul language, they express their inability to articulate their thoughts and feelings effectively. As such, they create an image of themselves as individuals who cannot control their emotions, which is not a desirable trait. Teaching boys to express themselves without using foul language helps them develop the skill of communication and control over their emotions.

Furthermore, the use of foul language also has an impact on how boys treat others. Using foul language, they are likely to offend and hurt others’ feelings. This can lead to negative behavior, such as bullying and aggressive behavior toward others.

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