How to Teach Boys to Be Gentlemen

Apr 3, 2023

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Remember the days when men would hold a door open for you as you walk into a store, or open your door to the car for you? I remember in my dating days, and I hated that! I could do it myself, but as I have matured and have two boys I am now raising, I see the importance of boys growing into gentlemen.

Boys need to understand that others should be treated with respect just as they would want to be treated themselves. Teaching our boys to become gentlemen also prepares them for their future marriages. There just are not enough gentlemen in our world, so it is our job to teach them well. How do you teach boys to be gentlemen? Try these ideas.

1. Model Good Behavior

As adults, we play a crucial role in shaping children’s behaviors and attitudes. When it comes to teaching boys to be gentlemen, modeling appropriate behavior is an important first step. We cannot expect boys to exhibit manners and respect if they do not see it being modeled for them in their environment.

When we teach boys to open doors for others, we are not just teaching them chivalry towards girls but respect for everyone. It’s crucial to emphasize the value of valuing and showing respect towards every individual, regardless of their gender or any other defining characteristic. This can create an atmosphere where boys comprehend the impact of their actions and the message they send to those around them.

Pointing out positive examples from others can also reinforce the importance of being a gentleman. When we see someone exhibit good manners or respectful behavior, we can use this as an opportunity to highlight and celebrate it. Instilling these values in boys early on is imperative, as it sets the foundation for them to carry these principles throughout their lives.

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