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2. Explicit Instruction

Providing explicit instruction, we can help boys understand the importance of their actions and develop a deeper appreciation for the impact they can have on others. For example, if we see a young man offering to help an elderly lady with putting her groceries in her car, we can point out why that shows him being a gentleman. We can discuss the benefits that the lady gains from that action, such as feeling valued and respected. We can also encourage boys to consider what the lady might be feeling at that moment and how their actions can have a positive impact on her day.

In addition to teaching the benefits of specific actions, we can also teach boys to be mindful of their behavior in general. We can encourage them to think about how their actions affect those around them and to be considerate of others’ needs and feelings.

Teaching boys to be gentlemen can also involve discussing topics such as consent and healthy relationships. By teaching them to respect boundaries and to communicate effectively, we can help them develop the skills they need to build healthy and respectful relationships throughout their lives.

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