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15. Master

Mastering the art of being a gentleman requires practice and repetition. If a boy misses an opportunity to demonstrate his gentlemanly behavior, it is important to provide reteaching and guidance. Parents or guardians can ask the boy what he could have done differently and then explain why it is important to practice. By doing so, the boy will gain a deeper understanding of the impact his actions can have on others and will be better prepared to act appropriately in the future.

Mastery is reached when the desired behavior becomes automatic and done without thought or hesitation. By providing ongoing opportunities for practice and feedback, boys can continue to improve their gentlemanly behavior and eventually achieve mastery. This benefits not only the boys themselves but also those around them, who will benefit from their thoughtful and considerate actions.

It is heartwarming to see boys opening doors for others and demonstrating their gentlemanly behavior. By acknowledging and praising these actions, parents or guardians can reinforce the positive behaviors and encourage boys to continue practicing them. This will not only benefit those around them but also help the boys themselves develop into respectful, kind, and considerate individuals.

I believe that our society is so self-centered nowadays. We need to spend time teaching each other how to treat others. We need to help our boys see that being a gentleman is honorable, respectful, and needed to help others feel valued and respected.

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