7 Things to Know about a Friends-with-Benefits Relationship

Apr 14, 2016

Boyfriend dramas, fights, constant commitment, breakups and complete loneliness suck, which is probably why many young people opt for a friends-with-benefits relationship. This type of relationship has its benefits and downsides. Depending on what type of person you are, such a relationship can lead to either relieve or broken heart. If you’re a sensitive person, you will find it difficult to end your friends-with-benefits relationship, while your “friend” will do it with ease, or vice versa.

Friends-with-benefits relationships end in many different ways. Some couples build long-term relationships and get married, while others forget about each other and their friendships. The worst outcome is HIV or AIDS. When starting a friends-with-benefits relationship, make sure you consider these important things:

1 Don’t let them be a part of your life

Once the night is over, wave goodbye to your friend and ask them to leave in 20 minutes, or if it’s not your room then what are you doing here? Leave in 15 minutes. Don’t share your mornings, breakfasts and daily routines with them. Otherwise, you might trick yourself into thinking that you are in a happy couple. Lingering does more harm than good.

2 Don’t control them

When you’re in a friends-with-benefits relationship, you should avoid being clingy and jealous. They’re not your partner and you aren’t dating. Sending them love messages and stalking their social media. You have no right to control your friend with benefits. No drama. No fights. No commitment. Stick to the basic rules of a friends-with-benefits relationship.

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3 Set boundaries

Don’t spend too much time together, unless you want to turn your friends-with benefits relationship into something bigger. Go with what feels right but don’t let your “friend” take advantage of you. Focus on your life, not them. Remember the reason why you have such a relationship. Have fun but don’t overdo it.

4 Don’t forget about love

People can’t live without love. It’s a wonderful feeling that makes us happy. Just because your friend with benefits makes you happy every night doesn’t mean you should give up on love. Perhaps you want to have your own family and find your true love. Don’t stop looking for it. A friends-with-benefits relationship is temporary, so don’t waste too much time on it.

5 Protect yourself

Having fun with a friend with benefits is awesome, but pregnancy or venereal disease isn’t fun. Never forget to use protections and don’t ignore the warning signs. No matter how well you know your “friend,” you know absolutely nothing about their level of health. Friends-with-benefits relationships often lead to venereal disease including AIDS. When it comes to hook-ups and friends-with-benefits relationships, protection must be your priority.

6 Keep your feelings in check

It’s easy to fall in love with someone you share your bedroom with. If both of you don’t plan to turn your friends-with benefits relationship into a long-term one, don’t let your feelings play a malicious trick on you. Your relationships has no future so keep your feelings and emotions in check when you spend time together. Choose someone you’re attracted to physically, not mentally.

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7 Keep it secret

Your parents, siblings and friends may not understand your friends-with-benefits relationship. Keep it secret to avoid judgments, family issues and gossips. It’s your life and your choice, but not all of those you love will understand and accept it. Moreover, you shouldn’t share your secrets and problems with your friend with benefits. They have another mission in your life.

Friends-with-benefits relationships are particularly popular among college students. Statistics show that 10-20% of friends-with-benefits relationships turn into long-term relationships and few “friends” stay friends after sex fizzles out. Some ladies confess that they felt broken and depressed when their friends-with-benefits relationships ended. Even guys have trouble ending such a type of relationship. Even though there’s no commitment, you spend your nights with that person so obviously they become a part of your life. Consider these little pearls of advice if you want to turn your best friend into friends with benefits.