12 Things Only Girls Who Live by the Beach Understand

Girls who grew up in beach towns, experience everything differently. Living by the beach is like being on a vacation that never ends. Unless you live by the beach, you will not understand the things I am going to talk about. Take a look and learn twelve things only girls who live by the beach can understand.

1 No problem could be solved at home

Awful mood? Painful breakup? Hard times? Girls who live by the beach cannot survive those times lying in the bed at home. They solve their problems and calm their minds by staring out over the water when sitting on the beach any time of the day or night.

2 Beach is not a luxury

While most people cannot wait for summer and spend the whole year saving money for their vacations, girls who live by the beach do not worry about those things. Beach is a part of their lives, and they enjoy it all year round.

3 Life without a beach is not a life

These girls cannot imagine their lives without a beach. When a girl who grew up in a beach town moves to a big city, she feels depressed and confused. She does not want to live a luxury life. She just wants to live by the beach.

4 They always find sand in their bed sheets

And hair, clothes, jewelry, and overall around the house. The funny thing is that they do not bother. They love sand and never mind if they see some on their bed sheets.

5 Lapping of waves is better than the sounds of a big city

What do you hear when you open the window in the morning or night? A buzzing city? Girls who live by the beach do not accept any sounds except lapping of waves. They never get tired of those sounds.

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6 They hate people who leave trash at the beach

This is a reason why girls who live by the beach hate tourists. After all, who leaves trash where they live? These girls take care of every tiny bit of the beach and do not allow others to destroy its beauty.

7 They know all the secret places

With the summer season comes tons of tourists. Girls who live by the beach rarely spend their time with tourists. They have a few secret places to hang out that no one knows about. It sounds like a good reason to have a friend who lives in a beach town.

8 Swimsuit is the most important item of a wardrobe

Having ten swimsuits in a wardrobe sounds like a nonsense for girls who live in big cities. But those who live by the beach need to have many of swimsuits because it is the most important item of their wardrobe.

9 They spend most of their time walking barefoot in the sand

Instead of worrying about new heels, girls who live by the beach save cash and walk barefoot. Even at work. You know most people who live in beach towns have beach jobs.

10 Boredom does not exist

When you live near the beach, you always have something to do. If you do not like water activities, there are many other ones that you can do near the beach. Girls who live by the beach always have fun, even if it is just sitting on the beach.

11 The sea air is healing

Girls who live by the beach believe in a healing power of the sea air. They feel healthier and have better moods than those who live in megalopolises. But people who live near the forest can say otherwise.

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12. They look fabulous 24/7

It is not because they want to; it is because they have to look their best every day, especially during the summer season when the number of tourists is growing day by day. Their makeup bags consist of waterproof beauty products and they invest in a variety of swimsuits and pareo.

Living by the beach is a dream come true, but sometimes the locals do not realize how lucky they are to be born in a small beach town. Did you grow up in a beach town? What things will big city girls never understand?