7 Crucial Things to Know about Tattoo Removal

Apr 16, 2016

Tattoos rejuvenate the spirit, beautify the body, and help us express our feelings. People get tattoos for many reasons, but often those reasons are mistaken. Getting a tattoo to honor your child or parent is a great idea, while getting a tattoo to express your current mood, partner or feelings might leave you thinking about its removal after a while.

I remember the first time I got my tattoo to honor my first love, and then a second love, and then I realized that this was a bad idea and I wanted to get rid of those seemingly cute tattoos. I spent years to remove my tattoos, and never forget the pain I went through, not to mention the money I spent on the treatments. Anyway, I learnt my lesson and will think twice before getting another tattoo. If you’re considering tattoo removal, here’s what you should know about it:

1 It’s a very long process

Depending on the size of your tattoo and your skin type, it takes 1 to 3 years to remove the tattoo completely. The location of your tattoo matters too. If it’s closer to your heart then the process might be quicker thanks to better circulation. The average time between treatments is 4 to 8 weeks. Sometimes 10 – 18 sessions aren’t enough to see the tattoo lighten up.

The color of your tattoo plays a crucial role too. Black ink is the easiest to remove, while other brighter colors like red, pink and green require time and effort. If someone suggests you remove your tattoo quicker, don’t accept the offer, otherwise skin irritation, open wounds and many other issues are inevitable.

2 Hypopigmentation

If you are a dark skinned girl, you have a higher risk of hypopigmentation. The problem is, the laser removes not only your tattoo, but pigment from your skin too, which is why it’s critical to consult a few experts and find the one who can reduce your risk of hypopigmentation.

3 Consult as more experts as possible

Perhaps you don’t have time for visiting a few tattoo removal professionals so you see that ad and starts the process. This way, you can’t be sure of the best result. When we suffer from serious diseases we consult as many doctors as possible to find out the best cure. When it comes to tattoo removal, consulting at least 3 experts is also a must. Permanent raised scarring, ghost images, and certain skin problems are among the most common tattoo removal downsides. Professionals can help you avoid them.

4 Learn more facts about lasers

There are no lasers that can remove all tattoo colors at once. Different lasers remove different colors. If you have a multicolored tattoo, you will probably need multiple lasers, and more sessions, and of course more money. Do a little research to find out more information about lasers for your tattoo.

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5 Be curious

When performed by a professional, tattoo removal is rather a safe process, albeit there’s always exception. No matter how experienced or popular an expert is, you shouldn’t sit still and listen to what they say. Ask unexpected questions to check their knowledge. We all have different skin types, health, and some of us tattoos so if some treatment helped your friend, it doesn’t mean it will help you. Feel free to ask questions. Find out what risks and side effects you might face during the sessions. Check the information online and don’t forget about reviews.

6 Side effects

Every treatment has its potential side effects. Tattoo removal is no exception. Hypopigmentation (that we already discussed), hyperpigmentation (skin darkening), scars, infections, burns, skin texture changes, blisters, swelling, rash, irritation and prolonged pain are all potential side effects of tattoo removal. Most of them aren’t serious while others may require further treatments.

7 Who is your tattoo artist?

Professional? Amateur? Both? Depending on who tattooed you, your tattoo removal might be either hard or easy. Professionally applied tattoos are easier to remove, while amateur tattoos may require up to 15 sessions. However, sometimes amateur tattoos are easier to remove than professional ones. It all depends on a tattoo artist and their skills.

Finally, as you probably guessed, tattoo removal is a lot more expensive than getting a tattoo. It’s also a bit painful due to the injections mostly. If I knew about all these things earlier, honestly, I wouldn’t have tattooed my arm. But what’s done is done. Despite all the side effects, there’s a big benefit – you can get rid of the image that you don’t like anymore. Are you thinking of tattoo removal?