5 Things to Learn from Kim Kardashian Paris Robbery

Oct 6, 2016

By now, you have probably heard that Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in her Paris hotel while she visited the city with her sisters. While this is absolutely a horrible event that she is no doubt traumatized by, I think everyone can learn a few things from the incident. Here are five things to take away from Kim’s Paris robbery:

1 Be careful what you post on social media

Prior to the robbery, Kim Kardashian had been posting images of her very expensive and very large ring that her husband Kanye West had recently given her along with many other diamond-laden baubles. Anyone that follows her could see she was in possession of extreme wealth.

She also mentioned in her latest snap chat that she was alone in her hotel room while her sister was still out partying. These two things drew plenty of attention from anyone who would want to do the celebrity harm. Learn from her and either keep your posts private, or be careful what you broadcast to the world.

2 Stay in safe places when you travel

While Paris is a mostly safe city to visit, the upscale and exclusive hotel where Kim Kardashian chose to stay had very little security to offer her or other guests. In fact, at the time of the break-in, the security guards had left for the night and only receptionists remained making it very easy for the armed intruders to gain access to the location and demand to be taken to Kim’s room. Choose locations that offer round-the-clock security for your safety.

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3 If you a have a bodyguard…. use them

Now we realize that this does not apply to most people, however, if you employ a bodyguard or security by all means make use of them. Hours before the attack, Kim Kardashian had posted praise for her bodyguard and called him the best in the business.

However, she let him stay behind at the club instead of protecting her in her room. This attack could have been much worse and could have likely been prevented if her bodyguard had been present.

4 Make sure you are insured

Kim Kardashian had over $10 Million in jewelry stolen in a matter of minutes. More than likely, all of the pieces were insured and her losses will be covered so at least the monetary value of the items can be replaced. Take a lesson from her book and make sure you get your valuables insured so if you were to ever lose them, or heaven forbid have them stolen, you can file a claim.

5 Keep your family close

As soon as news spread about Kim Kardashian attack, her family dropped what they were doing to be with her. Her sisters in Paris rushed to the scene, Kanye stopped his concert mid-song, and mama Kris met her at the airport.

In times of crisis, your family is irreplaceable and acts as your rock and defense. We have seen them literally shield Kim from paparazzi and field questions for her. You will want someone to have your back too if you ever go through a traumatic experience.

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It is not often that we are looking to Kim Kardashian for a lesson, however, we hope that we can all learn from this Paris robbery – the horrible experience that she is still suffering through. We can only imagine how terrified she must have been and our thoughts and prayers go out to her. Be safe out there, ladies! You never know who is watching you.

Photo: mirror.co.uk