7 Things You Shouldn’t Do When You’re Angry

Many wise people believe that anger is nothing more than just a weakness. The feeling of anger can mess your mind and make you take pointless and even risky decisions. It’s extremely important to be more patient when you are angry in order to avoid grief and sorrow in future. It’s scientifically proved that the feeling of anger can seriously damage your mental and physical health, because it produces the same psychological and physiological effects as stress. Furthermore, anger can destroy your social, personal and professional relationships. That’s why you shouldn’t let anger exert negative influence on your life. The best way to avoid mistakes when you’re feeling angry is to calm down and return to the situation when you’re thinking as clearly as you normally do. I hope this article will teach you to manage anger and live in accord with the society.

1 Post your anger on social media

Unfortunately, many people tend to use social media in order to vent and broadcast angry information and thoughts to big masses of people. By all means, you shouldn’t post your anger on social networks. It’s not a wise decision to tell the whole world how you feel at the moment, because you’ have the risk to get a negative reputation in the society. Plus, various angry comments can deject your friends’ spirit. Try to accentuate your blessings, not weaknesses.

2 Make decisions

When I want to make a right decision, I prefer to focus on the situation and weigh all advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, it’s desirable to do things when you are calm. If you make a decision under the pressure of anger or other negative feelings, you’ll regret and find them mad or foolish later. It’s of great importance to develop the skill to keep emotions under control when you are dealing with serious life questions. You should draw a line between emotions and your life responsibilities.

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3 Let anger mistreat others

You may not notice, but when you’re angry you often take it out on others. Do something to control your feelings, if you don’t want to burn bridges and offend people around you. You may use different breathing techniques, which help to reduce stress and eliminate the feeling of anger. If nothing helps, then try to get away and calm down. I think your circle of contacts shouldn’t suffer from your feelings. Successful and wise people tend to make their bad day better, instead of spoiling mood of those who are around them.

4 Drive

When you’re angry, try to keep out of driving. Research shows that angry people are primed for attack that’s why they are more inattentive and aggressive on the road. Don’t jump in a vehicle when you feel rage or anger running in your veins, because you put yourself and other people in danger. If you experience a stress while driving a car, you should stop for a while and do something to calm down. When your eyes are filled with anger, you may not see a pedestrian crossing the street and you can make a fatal error.

5 Talk to everyone

It’s normal to talk your problems and inner conflict out, but you should always share it with trusted people, because others can misunderstand and start gossiping about you and your life. You’d better take some time to blow off some steam and keep calm. Trusted friends can give you a valuable advice on how to get rid of anger and enjoy life. I prefer to go through the moment of anger in private, because the less people know about your worries, the better reputation and private life you’ll have.

6 Return to bad habits

I hope everyone knows that anger can break or damage the power of will. If you continue smoking or drinking alcohol, you’ll just get new problems. It’s desirable to find more useful and healthier ways to deal with this terrible feeling. It’s been proved that physical exercise can ward off anger and other bad feelings. If you do physical exercises on a regular basis, you’ll have a chance to increase the level of serotonin. This hormone decreases aggressive behavior and makes you happier.

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7 Socialize

I think it’s difficult to socialize and enjoy the company of people around when you’re full of anger. It’s better to keep the distance until you get a grip of your anger. Otherwise, you can alienate people around you. You can leave positive impression on others only when you learn to suppress this destructive feeling before socializing. Those people who experience less anger and hatred are more successful and socially popular, because people love those who have a frank smile and emit pleasant energy.

Anger is a dangerous feeling that can either come in handy or poison your life. Ambrose Bierce once said a magnificent thing, “Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” You should be wise enough to process your anger and find a peace of mind. What things do you usually do when you’re angry? How do you deal with the feeling of anger? Share your experiences with us, please.