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10. Don’t Neglect Your Pet’s Needs

Neglecting your pet’s needs can lead to negative feelings of jealousy and resentment towards the baby, as well as feelings of abandonment from the pet. This can result in undesirable behaviors such as barking, chewing, or scratching, which can cause stress for everyone in the household.

Setting up a regular schedule that involves spending quality time with your furry friend is essential to prevent neglecting your pet’s needs. Establishing a routine prioritizes spending quality time with your pet is essential to avoid neglecting their needs. This can involve regular walks, play sessions, snuggles, and ensuring they have access to fresh water and a well-balanced diet.

Furthermore, maintaining a clean and comfortable environment for your pet is also essential. A clean litter box or crate, fresh bedding, and toys can go a long way in making your pet feel loved and cared for.

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