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5. It’s Important to Discourage Roughhousing Games

One important aspect of introducing your pet to your newborn is discouraging roughhousing games. Dogs, in particular, love rough play, but it can be dangerous when a baby is involved. It’s essential to teach your pet that rough play is inappropriate behavior around a baby. This means discouraging any play involving jumping, nipping, or biting. One way to do this is by redirecting their energy toward appropriate toys and play activities. You can also teach them new commands, like “gentle” or “no biting,” and reward them when they obey.

It’s essential to set clear boundaries for your pet’s behavior around your baby. You should never leave them unsupervised together, especially during the first few months when your baby is still fragile. If your pet is exhibiting aggressive behavior towards your baby, seek the help of a professional trainer or behaviorist.

Discouraging rough play isn’t just crucial for the safety of your baby; it can also improve your pet’s behavior overall. Dogs that learn to play gently are less likely to become aggressive toward other pets or people. They also tend to be more obedient and easier to train.

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