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8. Avoid Punishment

Another one of the key tips for a successful introduction is to avoid punishing the pet. It is common for pets to become curious and possibly even jealous of a new baby in the house. They may try to get close to the baby or sniff and investigate the baby’s things. It’s crucial to closely monitor your pet during these times, but it’s equally important to avoid punishing them.

Punishing a pet for showing interest in the baby can cause confusion and anxiety. The pet may associate negative feelings with the baby, creating a potentially dangerous situation. It is crucial to remember that the pet is not acting out of malice but rather natural curiosity and instincts.

Instead of punishment, it is important to redirect the pet’s attention to other activities or objects. For example, provide the pet with toys or treats to keep them occupied and away from the baby. Positive reinforcement also teaches the pet to associate good behavior with rewards.

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